A Cook’s Thanksgiving Dream

What’s your Thanksgiving like?  Every year, family members from all over come together to enjoy each other’s company over an extravagant feast.  No matter who cooks, which recipe you use, or how large the crowd is in your home, America’s yearly tradition of giving thanks always starts right in the kitchen.

Here are seven kitchens of all shapes, sizes and styles that are ideal for cooking a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  From noisy extended family reunions to more low-key gatherings, these home kitchens accommodate every kind of celebration and provide many reasons for both hosts and guests to give thanks.

Cook and Catch Up

These three kitchens are perfect for celebrations that entail lots of cooking and lots of people.  Enjoy spacious, sleek environments with extensive counters, center islands and an overall open-floor plan that allows both cook and company to continue conversations while preparing the meal.  Having a kitchen that seamlessly blends with the living room, like the ones present in these stunning homes, not only provides a spacious, bright atmosphere, but also the chance for the day’s designated chef to take part in all the happening chatter and family fun.  Being able to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while basting the turkey is a plus, too!

 15 Smiths Neck Road—Old Lyme, CT

81 Island Avenue—Madison, CT

4 Hill Top Drive—Port Chester, NY


Old-World Thanksgiving

Step back in time and prepare your Thanksgiving meal in an antique American atmosphere with all the high-end amenities of a gourmet kitchen.  Experience both timeless tradition and modern day convenience while cooking at these two well-maintained historic homes with kitchens that will make your holiday charming and effortless.

58 Saw Mill Road—Litchfield, CT

205 South Street—Middlebury, CT


Kitchen Helpers

There’s plenty of room for help in the gourmet kitchen located in the heart of this Westport private oasis.  Perfect for entertaining many visitors, this home’s exquisite kitchen is uniquely designed with ample room and multiple separate counters.   Invite the guests over and encourage the willing cooks to help out in this strategically spaced area, where three or more chefs in the kitchen is definitely not a crowd.

77 Bayberry Lane—Westport, CT


Break It In

Imagine a faultless Thanksgiving dinner—the turkey cooked just right, mashed potatoes buttery, and gravy piping hot.  Now picture yourself cooking this delicious edible masterpiece in a classic stone and shingle home in the heart of Rye with a kitchen straight out of a chef’s dream.  Although this property has never been occupied as it is a brand-new construction, this extraordinary Westchester County estate offers a bright, spacious kitchen complete with top-notch amenities, custom millwork and cabinetry, as well as expansive counters that are just waiting to be warmed up and piled high with an incredible home-cooked feast.

241 Milton Road—Rye, NY


Happy Thanksgiving!

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