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Another Philip Johnson Home in Madison, CT

Philip Johnson, one of the most renowned architects of the 20th century, is a man of innovation and creative genius.  Johnson designed landmarks across the nation from the Sony Tower in New York to the Crystal Cathedral in California. Some of his most notable works are the Rockefeller guest house for Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, many museums across the country, and the Glass House in New Canaan (which has a model on display at the MoMA in NYC!).

The New York Times reports, in a property feature in 2011, “Back in December of 1948 hundreds from a ‘conservative old community of colonial homes’ turned out to watch workers complete Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut.” This home was very different from anything of the decade, so all were interested to get a glimpse. The home is an “essay in minimal structure, geometry, proportion and the effects of transparency and reflection,” as the NYT editor states. Philip Johnson actually lived here until his death in 2005, and now the home stands as “perhaps the best-known example of domestic modernism, a modernist classic.”

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We are excited to announce that we have another property that is a product of Philip Johnson! 6 Opening Hill was originally built in 1720, and was later named the Tremaine Estate after the family that resided and commissioned Johnson to create the home in the 1950s. It is now on the market for $1,950,000. The home rings true to Johnson’s style, offering a spectacular glass barn/guest house similar to the style of the Glass House.  The home has four bedrooms, and three and a half baths, plus a separate cottage attached to a barn.

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It is apparent that Philip Johnson also wanted the Tremaine Estate to be “alive in a creative way, to be sophisticated and fun,” as he describes the feel of his own home. Johnson kept the historic feel and Cape-style of the original home, but meticulously updated it, creating a glass room, which opens up the space and overlooks the pool, stone walled courtyard and expansive six acre lawn. He added two glass pavilions to the main house, built an outdoor pool, and renovated the historic barn, replacing walls with large panels of glass (his signature technique). This creates a very open and public space, even though all the open rooms are oriented in one direction- to the south. The current owner describes the home, saying it “feels like you’re outside even when you’re inside, and after being in the office all day this is the feeling that she wanted of her home.”

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To learn more about the Tremaine Estate (6 Opening Hill) view here

View the NYT Article on Philip Johnson and The Glass House here.


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