Curb Appeal: The Key to Success

The month of August is a time to spend days outdoors soaking up the sun and surrounding summertime beauty.  Individuals are bound to find inviting landscapes and peaceful views that perfectly embrace this favorite time of year.  Perhaps this is why August has been chosen as the designated month of “National Curb Appeal” for homes and neighborhoods of every kind.

If you are selling your home or have plans to do so in the near future, make sure to take a moment to pause from an outsider’s perspective and take a good look at your house and its surroundings from a distance—become the potential buyer and decide what’s missing.  Here are some simple tips to improve your property’s curb appeal, and in the process, increase its potential buyers and value.


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Basic Clean-up

It may seem obvious, but a simple tidying of your yard and home can be the main key to having successful curb appeal.  About Home recommends cleaning your home’s exterior with a power wash, and replacing worn elements, old roofs and decks, patios or porches.  Make sure all windows are spotless and the gutters are clear.  Remove and store any unnecessary items such as tools or toys, and of course, keep your yard well-kept.  Mow the lawn on a regular basis, hedge shrubs and plants, and trim trees so none are hitting or near the house.  But it doesn’t end there.  Future homebuyers will search the residence from all angles, including the rear of your home.  It’s just as important to maintain this part of your property, so its curb appeal reaches its full potential and selling success.

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Catch the Eye

Normally, the first thing that catches a person’s eye is color.  Whether it is neutrals that blend well with the neighborhood, dark, bold colors that make a statement or lighter pastel colors that brighten every day, choosing the right color is a key element in maintaining a positive curb appeal.  Better Homes and Gardens magazine advises homeowners to keep the shades appealing and well-suited for the home’s setting.  A fresh coat of paint before putting your home on the market can never hurt, anyway!

The Doorway to Success

Believe it or not, the door is one of the most important parts of a home’s curb appeal.  It’s where visitors initially enter and therefore, a place of first impressions.  According to HGTV Magazine, include decorative moldings, bold color choice or maybe even a whole new door that fits well with your home.  Matching shutters could add a nice touch depending on the house.


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Light up the Night

Even during the darkest hours, it’s essential to keep a home’s curb appeal aglow.  Try out low voltage lighting along the driveway and sidewalks and near important landscape elements.  Decorative lamps or light fixtures, as well as enhanced lighting visible through the front doors and windows, also add a nice touch and create an overall inviting ambiance.

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Make a Plan

Creating a landscape design plan is helpful in achieving curb appeal success.  To begin, maintain a lush, manicured yard with stone or brick pathways leading to the home’s entrance.  According to Realtor Magazine, this immediately creates a welcoming feeling on the property.  Carefully choose flowers and plants to include in flower beds, well-kept with dark mulch and possible stone walls to complete a refined garden look.  Add a splash of floral color to areas such as corners of sidewalks, the bottom of porch steps or around the mailbox.  Although a lively landscape is important, make sure plants and trees are not overgrown, obscuring views of the house.

Come on In

Lastly, add some warm touches to the front of your home.  You want people to feel comfortable as they enter. Items such as weather-proof rocking chairs, benches, wicker chairs and even a plaque with the home’s address can all result in a charming first impression and memorable home buying experience.

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