Deck the Halls

With each passing day, homes, entire neighborhoods and even town centers are filling with vibrant shades of red and green accented by sparkling hues of silver and gold.  From twinkling trees, festive wreathes and twisted garlands to holly-bearing sleds, flickering candles and other simple winter touches, signs of the season are all around.

Here are a few basic ways to welcome such brilliant holiday cheer into the heart of your home (and the heart of others) for the season.

Bring the Outdoors In

Besides the obvious tradition of physically carrying a healthy Pine into your living room, other nature-inspired opportunities ideal for filling your home with holiday décor include wreathes, garlands and classic red Poinsettia arrangements.  Country Living Magazine suggests varying styles of garlands depending on your home’s atmosphere.  Live on the beach?  Go outside to collect old shells, pieces of driftwood and other coastal treasures, and then add them to an easy, breezy garland twisted up a stairwell banister or set upon a mantel.  More traditional garlands that display Pine branches, pinecones and red holly berries are also an option, often adding a more rustic, cozy feel to your home’s winter décor.  Mantels are also the perfect spot for displaying vintage bottles and mason jars full with the simplicity of the holiday’s favorite bright red Poinsettia.  Above the mantel, a simple holiday wreath can add a nice, festive touch.  Of course, the front door is another place where an old-fashioned wreath can make all the difference in welcoming the warmth of the season.  Feeling especially creative? Here are some easy tips for creating your own wreath this season with the natural beauty found in your very own backyard!

And, of course…The Tree

Although the classic decoration of a tree has been an old-time home staple for countless years, today you will find various unique styles and displays of this enduring holiday tradition.  Whether fresh from the farm, carefully picked out at a nearby sale or even artificial, trees present homeowners with the opportunity to showcase some personal creative flair, as well as classic holiday charm.  To switch things up, Country Living Magazine suggests spreading holiday merriment by placing multiple mini trees throughout the house.  If you prefer one traditional large, majestic tree, it’s common to choose a distinct theme and style to match (or contrast) your home’s décor.  Be timeless, bold and always festive with these inspirational HGTV tree decorating and design ideas.

Light up the Night

It’s all about setting the mood and keeping the magic of the season aglow.  Candles not only add a warm and inviting ambiance to your home, but they also can look (and smell) extremely festive! From classic Yankee candles with an assortment of wintery scents to more custom designs, candles are an essential part of your home’s holiday décor all winter long.  HGTV even advises all home entertainers to light the way for guests outside with a line of decorative candles leading to the house.   Also outside, other ways to embody the joyful warmth of the season is by hanging lights on front porches, nearby shrubs and front yard trees. Architecture Art Design shares some extraordinary holiday light designs that will leave you breathless and home inspired.   

The Holidays Mean Food…Lots of it

We all know that the holidays revolve around food.  Whether hosting a delicious feast, serving holiday party hors d’oeuvres, or simply enjoying a quiet home-cooked meal with the immediate family, much of this time of year takes place around the dining room table.  This being said, it’s important to set the table for the season.  Add nametags for a personal touch at each place setting amid an array of other festive items including pinecones and branches surrounding centerpieces of fragrant candles, Poinsettias, glass balls, and other touches of sheer elegance and charmHGTV shares some great examples here.

Simple Touches

There are so many ways to make the season come alive in your home.  Add even more dashes of the holiday with these Real Simple stylish decorating ideas that capture the pure, uncomplicated spirit of the season.

Happy decorating…Happy Holidays!

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