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Posted on November 11, 2019 by sothebysrealty in The Extraordinary Living Blog


Corona Del Mar, California | Linda Chan & Sana AmarithPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

What makes a house truly feel like a home? Aside from the events that take place between its walls, much of a home’s personality is found in the materials, textures, and accents that bring it together. While it can be time-consuming to keep up with the latest design trends—especially the perennials that come in and out with the seasons—incorporating the latest high-end materials into your home is an easy way to give a space an instant, luxurious update. From cozy fabrics to rich metals, here are seven futuristic materials to freshen any room.



Harrison, New York | Alix PrinceJulia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty

An ultra-soft, looped yarn fabric, bouclé is a material that exudes warmth and whimsy. Traditionally a popular texture for coats, bouclé is adorning couches, loveseats, and throw pillows to add instant comfort—and a little fun—to the living room without sacrificing high-end style. Curling up on furniture made from this fabric is a lush experience; it’s getting up once comfortable that becomes a challenge.


Rice Paper


Naples, Italy | Sabrina MajelloItaly Sotheby’s International Realty

When it comes to the burgeoning trend of sustainable home décor, materials like rice paper, jute, linen, and wool are making a big name for themselves. Rice paper lanterns and floor lamps are perfect accents for bright, minimalist spaces that adhere to the design tenets of serenity and relaxation.




Cyprus | Anastasia YianniCyprus Sotheby’s International Realty

By no means a new material, ceramic is having a moment in 2019. Patterned ceramic tiles are an exciting way to spruce up walls and flooring, and artists worldwide are creating stunning bowls, flower pots, and vases in both high-shine and matte finishes. Whether for function or simply for display, unique ceramic artwork makes a clear statement.




Hamburg, Germany | Alexander StehleHamburg Sotheby’s International Realty

For a clean, minimalist look and feel, acrylic furniture is a fuss-free, futuristic trend to incorporate into your home. Acrylic coffee tables, end tables, and hallway or entryway pieces provide a balance of function and style without detracting from the overall design of the rest of the room. And in tight spaces, clear acrylic furnishings allow light to travel without adding any visual disruption.




Laguna Beach, California | Sean StanfieldAriana Gaffoglio, & Seth NelsonPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

There’s just something about velvet that elevates a room. A velvet couch, especially in a rich jewel tone, not only makes a glamorous statement, but the fabric’s plush feel is a luxury in itself. An example of the old being made new again, velvet is making a splash in contemporary rooms with a hint of Art Deco. Not ready to commit to a velvet couch? Try throw pillows, a blanket, or a headboard to bring this trend into your home.




Sydney, Australia | Michael PallierSydney Sotheby’s International Realty

From tables to benches to tiling, concrete has stepped into the interior limelight. A major component of industrial design, concrete can bring texture and contrast to spaces that are rich in other natural materials like wood and wool. Statement walls and concrete islands create focal points in bright and open rooms, and, when properly sealed, concrete is a resilient material to use in kitchens and workshops.




Lisboa, Portugal | Jose GorjaoPortugal Sotheby’s International Realty

It’s time to bid farewell to rose gold—last year’s ubiquitous accent metal—and say hello to the warm, earthy glow of copper. Integrate this rich metal into your home through lamps, kitchen and bathroom faucets, side tables, and even picture frames and plant pots. Keeping your copper from oxidizing involves the application of sealant, but the care of faded metals can be easily addressed with products found in most kitchens.

Whether you’re looking to update a space with on-trend touches or are planning a home renovation, there are plenty of futuristic materials to draw from to bring your spaces into the present. Choose from elegant details that accentuate a minimalist space or rich fabrics to add depth to a modern room—with elements made from acrylic or copper, velvet or bouclé, forward-looking design options are at your fingertips.

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