Experience Fall In Westchester County

It’s the perfect time of year to find an excuse to spend some quality time outside with Mother Nature.  Whether you want to take a short afternoon walk in the neighborhood or a vigorous hike through rocky, wooded terrain, fall in Westchester County is hard to beat.

If you are wondering where to go this season in order to fully appreciate the changing reds, yellows and oranges, here are some local nature centers and preserves that will fill your day with adrenaline-pumping activities and beautiful fall foliage views, all while surrounded by the great outdoors of Westchester County.

Throughout the area, there are numerous locations protected by local conservation societies and centers.  Acres of untouched land await your arrival, ready for the perfect afternoon with family and friends.  The Audubon Society is always a great place to start, with its various locations including the Hudson River Audubon Society, Bedford Audubon and Central Westchester Audubon Society.  At all of these locations, various education programs, day events, walking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities are present. Become acquainted with life in your natural surroundings while taking in the beautiful views of autumn.

Another great choice is The Greenburgh Nature Center, which consists of 33 acres of preserved land complete with trails, a pond and gardens.  Upon visiting the grounds, your chances of stumbling upon indigenous species, as well as migrating birds on their fall travels, are extremely high.  Scarsdale’s Weinberg Nature Center offers an educational museum neighboring ten acres of protected, rural land and trails.  Experience the beauty of meadows, woodlands, wetlands and even an authentic Lenape Indian Village on the property. Rye Nature Center is another option, comprised of a 47-acre wildlife preserve with ponds, streams, and hiking trails ideal for taking advantage of the invigorating, fall weather.  If you are interested in more expansive areas for hiking, Westmoreland Sanctuary in Mount Kisco offers eight miles of trails on 625 rural acres, while Teatown Lake Reservation manages a 1,000-acre land preserve with 15 miles of hiking.  In addition to extensive land conservation, both locations also offer a nature center and museum on their grounds, with various educational programs and seasonal events.

These are just a few of the local nature reservations throughout Westchester County.  For even more options, be sure to click here. So, the next time you’re sitting inside on a brisk autumn day, think of all the fun you could be having at one of these local destinations that appreciates the beauty of nature all year round.  Whether you are going for a walk on a wooded trail, or simply breathing in the crisp, clear air, becoming one with nature, even if just for the day, is the true experience of fall.

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