From Field and Forest Floor

Take one perfect house, fill it with quality hand-crafted furniture and cover its walls with exquisite art, and you’ve got an amazing place to call home. That’s what happens when three very different, yet equally talented individuals come together with one common goal in mind—a beautiful residence for every future homeowner.  Such is the case with the upcoming month-long showing event entitled “From Field and Forest Floor,” sponsored by our very own agent Mimi Harson.

During the showcase, the art of Don Bracken, including many pieces that use natural materials from regional fields and forests, will be on display throughout the month of October in the furniture studio of Ian Ingersoll, whose work also reflects the harvest of natural materials. Unlike traditional gallery settings, where art is viewed in a sterile environment, Bracken and Ingersoll have provide all visitors and clientele with paired paintings and furniture much as they would be seen in a home.

Don Bracken, a nationally known award-winning artist, is a native San Franciscan and U.C. Berkeley graduate who has lived in West Cornwall for 34 years. After he began to paint landscapes using soil from the land portrayed in his works, Bracken developed an earth-polymer medium that cracks as it dries, giving the material a dynamic quality that gives nature a role in his canvases. His focus on both paintings and sculpture has continued to evolve, celebrating the various organic materials in the process of creating skillful art that depicts the beauty of nature itself.

Ian Ingersoll maintains his furniture studio in the historic Toll House next to the Covered Bridge in West Cornwall. He has been a furniture maker working in Litchfield County for more than 30 years. Originally self-taught, he has followed a course of study that first involved replicating masterworks from previous centuries, primarily Shaker furniture. From this base he has added to that body of work with original designs, and continues to collaborate with both the professional design community and the end user.


“From Field and Forest Floor,” presented by Mimi Harson, makes reference to not only the materials used in Don Bracken’s art, but also the hardwoods found in Ian Ingersoll’s furniture. The show can be seen from October 1–31 at The Toll House, 422 Sharon Goshen Turnpike (Route 128), West Cornwall, CT.  Be sure to also stop by the studio, which is open 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday. In addition, an artist’s reception will be held on Friday, October 10, from 4 to 8 PM.

The fall foliage should be at its peak this time of year, so it’s the perfect time to drive up to this charming hamlet on the Housatonic River and be inspired by the talent and offerings of these three gifted people. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Don Bracken’s work can be viewed at www.donbracken.blogspot.com and Ian Ingersoll’s at www.ianingersoll.com.

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