Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating Tips

The holidays bring with them many traditions for people to love that come but once a year, from the music and seasonal foods to the gifts and time spent with close friends. One essential part of the holidays that many look forward to is the joy of decorating their homes and properties with all the beautiful lights and decorations that express the merriment of the season. While some are happy to enjoy the comfort of the tried and true year after year, others might be looking for some new decorating ideas to bring some spirit into their home.

Without necessarily scaling back on decorations in either size or number, HGTV suggests taking a simplified approach, either choosing a consistent theme, which makes shopping a quick task and lends a professional sheen, or selecting a limited palette of colors such as blue and white, silver, or red, brown and gold. This will reduce the distracting effect of displaying too many colors, which can also be avoided by hanging white lights instead of colored. Candles are another key to providing interior spaces with an elegant holiday feel, filling the house with pleasing aromas and a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also providing the opportunity to add some cheer to rooms that might not be the first choice for decorations like kitchens and baths. The source also recommends crafting homemade decorations as a family activity, including pine cone ornaments, feathers, ribbons, beaded garlands or paper snowflakes.

Along with those pine cones and feathers, plenty of other items found in nature can be incorporated into the décor to result in a totally natural set of holiday decorations, says HowStuffWorks. Everything from branches, leaves and plants to seeds and fruit can be brought into the decorating scheme. Greenery from the garden will provide an aura of freshness and can be made into wreathes or garlands or just added to flower arrangements or centerpieces. Evergreen branches can be used as door ornaments along with the wreathes, which can be embellished with winter berries from holly shrubs

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