Home is Where the Heart Is

Emerging shades of pink and red accompanied by candied hearts, kisses and smooth, decadent chocolate can only mean one thing—Valentine’s Day is almost here.  Whether celebrating with your significant other, family, friends or simply enjoying a solo, much-needed evening of self-pampering, this day represents the one excuse to sit back, indulge in sweet treats and be thankful for all the love that surrounds you every day.

From romantic table settings and delicious recipes, to handmade crafts and rooms that reflect great pink and red color, here are some ways to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit starting right at home—after all, home is where the heart is!

Have a Romantic Dinner: Tablescapes 

Imagine this—the candles are lit, the music is on and scrumptious aromas are filling the room as you and your loved one sit down to enjoy a romantic dinner at home.  By simply using the perfect decorative touch, you can successfully set the mood for the evening. According to House Beautiful Magazine, effective Valentine’s Day décor should start at the table.  Whether making bold statements of your affections through bright colors and textured tablecloths, or setting a simpler scene with a classic rose centerpiece and subtle pastels, a well-decorated tablescape is one of the first indicators of a lovely night. Lushome holds a similar outlook, claiming that simple additions to your home’s table such as candles, fresh flowers or even edible decorations will make for a more meaningful, heart-felt occasion.  Click here to match a Lushome tablescape theme to your personal style.

Say “I Love You…” With Food

The way to someone’s heart is through good food.  What better time to try out a new sweet treat recipe than on Valentine’s Day?  The Food Network shares various recipes ranging from delicious dinners for two, to classic chocolate covered strawberries and other decadent desserts that are hard to resist.  For all of you red velvet lovers, try out one of these Taste of Home featured recipes.  Other great recipes can be found on Taste of Home’s Valentine’s Day Recipe list, which includes fabulous entrees and desserts that are bound to show your special someone your love.

Handmade With Love:

As the saying goes, you can’t buy love.  Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that come from the heart rather than the store—gifts that are made with your own two hands.  Real Simple shares easy DIY projects and crafts for the holiday that are ideal for both home decorating and thoughtful gifts.  Make your own flower vase centerpiece for that romantic, candlelit dinner, or show off your creativity with a handmade card.  Displaying your love is effortless and pure with these DIY crafts.  There’s still time! For additional ideas, visit Country Living Magazine’s website here.

Home Décor:

Your home’s décor may already reflect the light-hearted brilliance of Valentine’s Day without you even knowing it! House Beautiful Magazine shares a gallery of red, white and pink accented rooms that are genuinely striking, effortlessly stirring feelings of love from every angle.  Whether walls of pink and shades of red, rugs with floral patterns or furniture boasting the perfect pop of bright color, these three homes epitomize the perfect Valentine’s Day setting without even trying.

96 Lambert Road—New Canaan, CT


This room’s use of pink accents makes it a perfect spot for Valentine’s Day entertaining.

2 Lincoln Lane—Purchase, NY

Movie date night, anyone? 

27 Lincoln Lane—Ridgefield, CT


All you need is a Valentine’s Day-inspired tablescape and you’re set for a romantic dinner at home!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 

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