It’s All in the Land

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own equestrian facility?  Or perhaps the perfect rustic retreat in New England?  Maybe even a campground that appreciates all of the beautiful outdoor adventures that Mother Nature has to offer?  Let’s face it— we all have dreams. They provide an incentive to work towards something great, even if running your own country retreat or horse therapy business seems to be on the spectrum of high hopes.  When the opportunity arises, all you have to do to start is take it.

Now you may have the opportunity you’ve been waiting for with this 365-acre piece of beautiful, raw land for sale in Northern Connecticut.  Located in the town of Stafford, this expansive, rural acreage that was once a town park contains a lake, streams, stone walls, extensive forestry and a dam, all abutting a state forest.  It’s an ideal place to start achieving that lifelong vision, so begin dreaming again, and imagine all the wild things you could achieve on this cherished piece of Connecticut land.

Picture it now—that equestrian facility you have always wanted to open for all fellow horse lovers to enjoy.  There is plenty of room for boarding opportunities, as well as open fields for the horses to run freely through the beautifully rugged terrain.  Design a riding arena for training, or a designated area for horse therapy, where you can change the lives of others in the process of changing your own.  With so many acres of land, having horses is a likely option, whether for the purposes of running an equestrian center, or just as another positive addition to the countrified atmosphere.  Another option might be to create a campground for adventurous visitors, complete with kayaking, canoeing and marked trails throughout the surrounding woods, which present opportunities to hike and ride horseback.  Perhaps include these same outdoor amenities with the creation of a scout camp for boy scouts and girl scouts eager to experience and learn from nature and all of its offerings. There is ample room to construct cabins, as well as a home base center with dining services for the kids.

If your calling has always been to embrace nature while also preserving it, why not establish a nature center on these unscathed grounds?  Construct a building where visitors can learn about surrounding species and plants, and then see them firsthand with a peaceful hike through the woods on one of many mapped-out trails.  If you’re looking for something more thrilling, maybe fill the acreage with an outdoor recreational park, where adrenaline-seeking individuals can take part in the numerous outdoor activities and water sports available on a piece of geographically rural land such as this. Of course, more relaxed approaches are possible as well, with the creation of retreat facilities such as a rustic spa, or a bed and breakfast set upon the tranquil setting of a gentleman’s farm.

The opportunities are endless and natural beauty eternal on this 365-acre piece of Northern Connecticut land.  Not only does it rest quietly in the heart of New England’s countryside, but the property also boasts the convenient location of being nearby to the Stafford Speedway, a first class auto racing facility for racecar drivers, teams, fans, sponsors and advertising associates, drawing in crowds from states away.  Between this ideal location, as well as its expansive acreage with infinite possibilities in a beautiful, natural setting, this property is a dream just waiting to happen.

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