Jason Wilson Named President of Scarsdale Chamber

Along with his great work and dedication to our Scarsdale team and the Westchester County community as a whole, brokerage manager Jason Wilson has taken on yet another leadership role as the new president of the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce.  Jason has been involved in the organization’s local efforts since 2014, serving as treasurer before taking over as president on January 1, 2015—the mark of a new year and new, positive changes under Jason’s wing.

Among the numerous changes that Jason set into motion immediately upon his appointment is a complete redesign of the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce’s website, which launched at the beginning of February. Jason stated that the objective of the new website is to make it a better local resource for individuals both inside and outside the area, with new features including a directory of local businesses and information on community outreach. Jason was integral in the creation of the layout and look and feel of the site as well, and in developing a new mobile-friendly version.

In addition, the organization will implement new opportunities for raising money for charities during regular chamber events, and the list of charities supported will expand. Raffles held at these gatherings will raise funds to be split between selected charities and raffle winners, who may choose to donate their winnings to the charities if desired. In prior years, funds raised through raffle drawings went to the chamber instead of to charities.

The events will be geared more toward networking than they were previously, and businesses who volunteer their spaces for these functions will have the chance to introduce their services to attendees and to receive advertising on the chamber’s website.

Members will also benefit from a more streamlined system for keeping up with membership dues, with payments now accepted through a fast and convenient online portal rather than through traditional snail mail.

Jason will also oversee the continuation of Scarsdale’s successful campaign to encourage shopping and dining at local businesses and restaurants. Known as Shop/Dine the ‘Dale, the campaign was conducted in collaboration with The Acceleration Project (TAP), a non-profit that aims to help economic development in local communities by assisting small businesses in realizing their full potential. Further information on the project can be viewed on the chamber’s website here.

“I am greatly honored to have been appointed the new president of the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce,” said Jason. “It is exciting to see all that we have already been able to accomplish this year, and I look forward to continuing to help make a positive impact in the local business community throughout 2015.”

For more information on the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce, visit the organization’s website here.

Congratulations, Jason!

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