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During this very busy time of year, being active on social media is probably not on the top of your holiday “to-do” list. Between getting all your gifts, breaking out the festive wreathes and lights and planning your holiday gatherings, preparing content to share on social media seems like a goal for the back burner.  No one has time during the holidays, anyway, right? Believe it or not, according to a recent Inman News social media survival guide article, statistics reveal a 46% increase in activity during the holiday months.

For those looking to forge a successful social media path for their real estate business, ‘tis the season to post it, tweet it, pin it, and even insta it, despite the holiday hustle and bustle.  Start boosting your social media presence today by following these strategic and helpful tips.

Basic Content:

It’s all about engaging with your clients. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever other platform you choose to use, being relatable and showing all followers that you are an active part of the local community is extremely important.  Post content that people care about like events happening in the area, local stories and even client achievements.  One Inman News recommended way to help keep track of current content such as this is to use a tool called Newsie, which connects through your Facebook or LinkedIn profile to notify you of any contacts in your network who have made the local news.

Other great content to post includes updates on charity events or organizations with which you are personally involved, including information on drives, celebrations, fundraising, etc.  This is especially relevant during the holiday season, when countless individuals are finding ways to give back in the community.  Of course, real estate news and highlights of business-related achievements and press can also be posted, but in moderation.  In terms of finding that perfect balance, Marnie Blanco, head of Industry Relations for dotloop, advises keeping your personal life out of your professional profile.  While it’s okay to add some personal touches, like decorating finds, homes that you love or favorite holiday recipes, setting certain restrictions on your choice in photos and other chosen content is essential for professional success.  If you question it, don’t post it—it’s as easy as that.

Be Ahead of Schedule:

Being organized and prepared when it comes to social media is a key tip.  If you are managing multiple business pages or platforms, finding appropriate content to post regularly throughout the day is tough.  That’s when scheduling tools such as Hootsuite become your new best friend.  With this social media management website, one dashboard controls multiple accounts and pages, allowing you to plan, write and schedule posts days, weeks and even months in advance.  You can choose its posting time down to the hour and minute, and can even interact and engage with your followers from the site.  This is especially helpful during busy times like now, when major holidays and events are happening that you will not want to miss mentioning.

Have a Conversation:

Ask yourself, “why?”  Increasing conversation on social media increases engagement and overall growth.  The more people who click, comment on or share your post, the more people it will reach.  In order to initially draw followers in, it’s important to add a friendly tone to your posts, which, according to a recent RisMedia social media cheat-sheet, involves asking questions like you are thinking aloud.  This will prompt interactions and create a sense of unity.  Another way to build your community on social media is by making a Facebook group that includes members with a common interest—real estate, extraordinary homes, local happenings and more.

Keep Up with the Latest Platforms:

It’s official! According to Realtor Magazine, Instagram has now taken over Twitter with over 300 million active users—a surge of 50 percent in just nine months.  When trying to stay relevant in the social media world, you must keep tabs on what’s trending out there, allowing for the most reach.  With today’s focus on visuals including photo sharing and videos, Instagram is the perfect outlet.  Whatever the platform, though, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each social media tool, making decisions that will ultimately benefit your professional goals.  If you already have an Instagram account, be sure to check out and follow our newly created account at @williampittsothebys.  We’ll follow you back!

New Year, New Plan:

And so, the question stands—what are your social media goals for 2015?  It’s okay to ask yourself questions and set personal objectives when it comes to improving your online social presence.  It may even present the perfect opportunity for a New Year’s resolution!  Here are some social media trends to watch out for in real estate for the coming year.

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