Deirdre McCloud Childs

Deirdre McCloud Childs

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Deirdre McCloud Childs

Deirdre is a standout researcher, marketer, negotiator and communicator who will advocate for your real estate needs. About Me

Deirdre is a standout researcher, marketer, negotiator and communicator who will advocate for your real estate needs.

"Real estate transactions arise from a multitude of circumstances. Whether it's a change in family dynamics such as divorce, separation or widowhood, a career-driven relocation, or a desire to explore new investment opportunities, I am here to guide you through negotiations and serve as your dedicated advocate. The extensive network and resources offered by Sotheby's empower me to provide you with essential data and technological insights crucial in today's dynamic real estate environment."


I trust this message finds you well. As a seasoned real estate professional, my commitment to a thorough and seamless process sets the stage for a successful journey in buying or selling property. I am as enthusiastic about the opportunity to guide you through this significant endeavor, as I am about lessening your worries through due diligence and a offering a great sense of humor. In today's ever-evolving landscape, the importance of thoroughness cannot be overstated and I am dedicated to understanding your unique goals and aspirations, while capable of networking to make things happen for you.

What do you hope to achieve in your real estate venture? With the support of my experienced team at Sotheby's, we can tailor our approach to effectively market your property or identify the ideal investment that aligns with your needs.

Your timeline is of utmost importance. Whether you're aiming for a swift transaction or a more extended exploration, I am here to accommodate your preferences. My aim is to ensure that this process is as energizing and enjoyable as possible. I understand that real estate transactions can be complex, but with my guidance, you'll have a partner dedicated to making the journey smooth and satisfying.

Having navigated the intricate landscapes of real estate over the past decade, including the unique challenges posed by the COVID pandemic era, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My background in wealth management equips me to comprehend the intricate financial nuances of property investments, while my life coaching coursework and experience has prepared me to assist clients in navigating transitions, obstacles, values and emotions that often accompany real estate transactions.

Furthermore, my involvement in establishing a women-owned renovation contracting firm and membership with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) have provided me with a solid foundation in logistics, renovation and resource management – qualities that enhance my ability to effectively serve you.

The years 2020 to 2022 witnessed an unprecedented pace of property transactions. As we embrace 2023 and look toward 2024, I am excited to leverage my expertise to help you navigate this evolving market. Let's start with a conversation about current market trends, your aspirations, and any inquiries you may have.

Wishing you the best,



Contact me regarding:

  • Residential Home Purchases as Buyer Agent
  • Residential Home Sales as Listing Agent
  • Investment Properties
  • Land Purchase and Sale
  • Luxury Rentals
  • Unique Development Projects to Embrace Today's Housing 

Areas Covered: 

  • Fairfield County, CT
  • Litchfield County, CT
  • Shoreline, CT
  • Referrals available for homes and land in VT and NY State

Professional Associations:

  • SmartMLS
  • Greater Fairfield Board of Realtors
  • Connecticut Association of Realtors

My community givebacks span a diverse set of local and national organizations:

  • Aspetuck Land Trust Member
  • Performing Arts & Symphony Board Member
  • Near and Far Aid Supporter
  • Patagonia Action Works Volunteer
  • Protect Our Winters (POW) Supporter

Former Professional Experience:

  • Director of Marketing/Client Relationships in Wealth Management/Estate Planning
  • Conservation/Historic Preservation Committee Member/Grantwriter
  • Professional Organizer (NAPO Member)
  • Women-Owned Renovation Contractor Partner
  • Coach and Mentor, Private Clients - Specializing in Divorce & Widowhood
  • Non-Profit Volunteer



  • Born In United States Naval Base
  • Lives In Fairfield County, CT
  • Favorite Movie Big Chill & To Catch a Thief
  • Passion The Art of Transition
  • Interests Art, Design, Nature, Skiing, Sailing, Technology
  • Favorite Lyric Every Picture Tells A Story
  • Inspiration "The secret to success is constancy to purpose." ~ Disraeli
  • Can't Live Without Curiosity, Music & a Well-Curated Margarita

Agent Designations

  • Resort and Second Home Property Specialist
  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

My Specialties

  • Integrated Marketing Expertise
  • Life Transition/Relocations
  • Executive Life Coaching Strategies
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Estate Property Transactions
  • Divorce, Separation, Widowhood Concierge
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Testimonials (4)

It was such a pleasure to work with Deirdre. Not only was her knowledge of the area invaluable, but her insights and experience with the buying process and her attention to every detail made our first home-buying experience much less stressful...and actually fun! She is an absolute delight to work with, and I would do it again (though hopefully not for several more years). Timothy Leavitt and Derek Jamison
This will be a glowing review and so I won't bury the lede: If you are looking to buy a home in Connecticut contact Deirdre Childs right now. Of the many, many decisions you will need to make during the home buying process your first best step is to email or call Deirdre and have her as your Buyer's Agent. We just closed on two homes simultaneously with Deirdre as our agent. It was a complicated transaction that Deirdre helped us navigate with a calm professionalism that kept us buoyed and confident that the deal would go through successfully. It is from this recent experience that we recommend Deirdre. A buyer's agent first responsibility to advocate for and support the buyer. To have someone who "has your back" during the home buying process is extremely important and made more so given the current seller's market and in our particular case, competing with the waves of buyers from NYC seeking a country home. The race was on! And in times of pressure and stress it's easy to make a rash decision, maybe bidding or even over bidding on a home that isn't actually what you want for fear of "losing" it to another buyer. This is where Deirdre helped most. In the heat of the moment, she would ask us to take a moment, step away, breathe. Instead of rushing us to jump before others did, she slowed the process down to a more humane level by simply saying this, "It is a great house and if you want to make an offer do so when you are ready. If it gets sold before you guys are ready then it wasn't meant to be and trust me, we will find you another home that is just as perfect." Calm. Thank you. Now another thing you want from your buyer's agent is tenacity and knowledge of the areas you've zeroed in on. Once again Deirdre shines on both fronts. After working with her for one day, she got exactly what we were looking for in a home and everyday for three weeks she drove us to visit homes until we settled on the two homes we bought. That we were looking in the country meant that these homes were often far apart. Never once did she seem tired of the search, her boundless energy and enthusiasm was pure energy for us. At every walk through Deirdre not only got all the home details the sellers agent was offering, but asked questions about the home we would have never thought to ask (flood zone status, tax information, radon mitigation, etc. etc.). I forget exactly why, but she even put in a call to a town ombudsman asking a question that was raised during a walk through of a home we were considering. No effort, no task was too much for Deirdre. Thank you. After you choose your home and have your offer accepted, having a buyer's agent that is organized, methodical, and savvy to the process is key. You can trust Deirdre to recommend other supporting cast members (attorney, inspectors, etc) not only because she's worked with them, but she knows how they'll fit with your personality, your temperament, and your particular needs. She builds a team for you. And to use a basketball analogy, she will be the team's point guard, passing the ball to the right person at the right time to score. This final stretch in the home buying process is fraught with potential pitfalls. Having Deirdre by your side working the process with you, advocating for you, pushing when needed is invaluable. Most importantly to us Deirdre made sure we were treated as people, not just names and numbers on a spreadsheet. Real people taking a huge emotional and financial leap. Her respect for that, to see and connect with the person in the process, may be what separates her from any other buyer agent in Connecticut. From purchase offer to closing date, Deirdre will be there for you. Trust that. We did and we are forever happy for it.  Tin & Cynthia Tin Albano and Cynthia Fortier
Working with Deirdre as our realtor was the foundation of an excellent first-time home buying experience. Deirdre went above and beyond my expectations in all aspects of our search and purchase experience. In addition to the basics, like having a good knowledge of Fairfield County and its various towns and notable neighborhood characteristics, she was a standout negotiator and communicator. These skills were a huge asset for my wife and I when we were closing on our new home in Weston. I'm personally referring Deirdre to my friends at work and would encourage anyone starting a search to get in touch with her. David H. Johnson
We worked with Deirdre while buying our first home. She was really knowledgeable about how homes operate and what red flags to look out for, she has a discerning eye. She always had out best interest in mind and was very patient! We had a particularly tricky negotiation and she jumped through endless hoops to make sure our deal went through. Throughout the process, she was also kind, positive and energetic. We could not have done this without her!! Liz and Nate Slutzky

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    Deirdre McCloud Childs

    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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