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Our Sites Speak Many Languages

Many brands out there claim to be global, but there is only one real estate brand that is truly international. Wherever they are based, clients buying and selling in key worldwide markets choose to work with us because our global presence cannot be matched by other firms. With more than 12,600 sales professionals and approximately 650 offices located in 45 countries and territories, we are part of a powerful and tightly knit worldwide affiliate network. Clients of the Sotheby’s International Realty affiliate in Moscow looking to buy a rural retreat near Manhattan will be referred straight to us, and similarly, if we have a client here who is interested in a Paris pied-a-terre, we can send them to an expert in that city who can help them find what they are seeking. Every affiliate in the network provides a level of service, fine property expertise and insightful local knowledge that meets our organization’s strict membership criteria.

How do we meet the needs of this international audience of qualified buyers and sellers in the online arena? An increasing number of consumers today start their real estate search on the internet, so our websites have been meticulously developed to provide several unique service features. One of the ways we reach international buyers is by providing the capability to translate our websites into fifteen different languages, including French, French Canadian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Spanish, Vietnamese and many more in addition to English. Fine property enthusiasts all around the world can peruse our properties and enjoy our beautiful photography while learning about our listings in their preferred language. Sothebysrealty.com also provides them with a special currency conversion feature, so they can view asking prices in Bermuda dollars, British pounds, South Korean won, Japanese yen, or Argentine pesos, just to name a few.

The real estate search experience offered by our brand sites is one that other brands simply can’t replicate. Buyers in communities and cities across the globe who visit sothebysrealty.com will find lightning-quick navigation, the ability to search 150,000 properties available through our worldwide affiliate network, and high definition videos showcasing properties, local businesses, sales associates and more—and they’ll find these features while benefiting from our currency conversion and language translation, making their time on our site as user-friendly as possible. Quite simply, our brand websites speak our clients’ languages, wherever they are.

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