Ring in the New Year at Home

Being home for the holidays is not quite over yet! With 2015 right around the corner, all ambitious homeowners looking to ring in the New Year with good food, drink, company and overall style in their very own living rooms are now in full party prep mode.  Whether a small family gathering, group of old friends or even an entire neighborhood bash, all New Year’s Eve parties are sure to be a great success with these basic tips for home entertaining.

The Décor

HGTV suggests that perhaps the most practical way to prepare your home for a New Year’s Eve celebration is to upcycle what’s already there.  You probably spent days adding the perfect touch of the holidays to each room, so why not turn a gold ribbon bow into a party streamer, that unused wrapping paper into a glistening table cloth or those boxes of stored tissue paper into fluttering confetti?  You’ll be surprised by how much dazzling party décor is already right at your fingertips.  New Year’s Eve is all about keeping the night sparkling with life.  Some of the simplest materials can make all the difference in your home’s party décor.  Here are a few more ways to decorate your house with tasteful pizzazz for the New Year.

The Food and Drink

It’s okay to admit that most holiday parties, or any party for that matter, revolve around the food and drink that is served.  Being that most New Year’s Eve celebrations begin later in the evening, a buffet-style placement of hors d’oeuvres works best.  The Food Network shares some favorite easy late night snacks for the occasion, offering a steady flow of tasty sustenance for all guests to enjoy throughout the night in a laid-back fashion.  As for the evening’s libation, make sure you are fully stocked with all the staples for an in-home bar experience.  Holiday punch is one festive way to ring in the New Year, and of course have those glasses ready for a midnight champagne toast to 2015.

The Ambiance

Setting the mood for a successful New Year’s Eve bash is all about first impressions.  Lighting is an essential part of the night, with candles adding a glowing warmth to any home environment.  They also fill each room with festive aromas, maintaining the cozy charm of the holiday season.  Fiber optic and other flashy lights are another way to create a celebratory atmosphere in your home.  A specialty lighting company advises using white Christmas lights in entrances or even draped along tables for an inviting, festive ambiance.  Music is perhaps the most important “must-have” for a party at home.  Real Simple suggests creating a playlist beforehand, which includes a solid mix of tunes from classics like Sinatra and Bennett to modern-day pump-up hits that will surely add a positive spin to the night.

The Activities

Keep it lively!  Don’t just sit around on the couch waiting for the stroke of midnight. Pass the time with lots of laughs and good times by organizing group games and activities. One great idea is to make light of your New Year’s resolutions by turning them into a guessing game.  Provide cards for all guests where a written sentence must be completed, and then randomly read the cards and guess who wrote what.  Click here to download and print the cards in preparation for your party.  Of course, traditional board games or a classic game of charades are other ways to keep the energy going and make the memories last.

For general home entertaining tips, be sure to check out this House Beautiful article and let the countdown begin!

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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