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A critical piece of preparing to place a home on the market is the interior staging, a process that includes both creating an immaculate visual presentation as well as ensuring that the home is well maintained and in move-in condition. Buyers want to envision themselves living in the space, and professional staging in certain homes can increase the appeal. In addition, because long-term value is more important than ever to the modern purchaser, and many buyers may not have the time or expert to perform needed renovations themselves, homes that are in good condition will draw the most attention and command the highest price. With the housing market as competitive as it is, the more well-positioned the home, the more buyers it will attract.

According to Frontdoor.com, the showing of a home offers a very limited window for impressing a buyer, so the first impression is key. The site suggests cleaning and depersonalizing the space as a first step, removing family photos, papers and boxes so that the buyer is faced with an aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free space in which they can begin to imagine themselves living. The clutter shouldn’t be thrown into closets or attics as buyers touring the home will surely investigate those spaces, but perhaps removed to a storage facility instead. Any drawbacks to the home’s condition should be fixed if possible, with the repair of dents and nicks and the painting of any rooms in need of a fresh look being particularly important. Equally essential is furnishing the rooms properly, leasing high end furniture short term if needed and creatively staging empty spaces, turning them into possibilities like playrooms or music rooms in buyers’ minds. If all of this seems overwhelming, an expert in home staging can be hired to assist.

HGTV agrees that hiding away personal items is a significant factor in staging, and that a little home maintenance along with a new paint job can go a long way, adding that neglecting to fix even small issues risks flushing away profits. At the same time, any unresolved problems should be disclosed to avoid later headaches. A pleasing aura of freshness can be added to the home for showings by cutting up some lemons as well as by putting some plants on display. The article points out that stopping by some model homes will provide a sense of how creating a neutral and spacious environment will make a home more alluring to buyers. However you feel about staging, William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty wishes you a successful outcome if you are selling your home.

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