It may wrap around the entire house, boast a screened-in feature or simply hold the family’s front doormat and rocking chair.  Whatever the case, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, homeowners and neighbors alike welcome the reemerging popularity of porches to their homes, both old and new, with open doors.  Known to be the friendliest place in the house, these outdoor spaces allow individuals to come together throughout the day with one common goal in mind—to sit back, take in the surrounding views, enjoy a family dinner and maybe even chat with the neighbors.

Here are four homes that have porches of all kinds, each with their own charming appeal.  So turn off the T.V., open the door and be inspired to continue the trend with one simple step outside and onto the most sociable place in the house.


202 Mansfield Avenue—Darien, CT

This 1914 Darien home is the perfect combination of old world meets modern luxury, and it begins right on the residence’s porches.  The expansive covered porches charm the home with yesterday’s quality character and the comforts and style of today.  Take in the quiet countryside and landscaped grounds on wicker chairs with your morning coffee in hand.  This home is designed for all to gravitate towards the allure of its welcoming porches.

7 Prospect Avenue—Larchmont, NY


Step onto these porches and back in time at this Larchmont historic treasure.  Built in 1893 at a time when porches were more common, this exquisite residence offers views of the water from its multiple wraparound porches that grace the home with unique character and charm.  Now as the current popularity of this outdoor feature for homeowners continues to grow, it’s difficult to avoid stumbling upon the porches of this finely crafted home and being captured by its welcoming appeal.

278 Noroton Avenue—Darien, CT


Victorian-style porches embrace this home situated in the Connecticut town of Darien.  Constructed in 1886, this well-maintained period home graciously invites visitors to gather on its covered front porch and take in the surrounding community.  There is even a porch swing present at the home’s entrance, allowing for peaceful relaxation and providing a constant excuse to head outside for some fresh New England air.

64 Quarry Ledge—Madison, CT

A beach paradise awaits visitors who roam the porch of this Madison residence constructed in 1929.  The home’s spacious outdoor areas urge everyone outside, where one can take in the sea breeze of the nearby East Wharf Beach and relax in great comfort.  There’s plenty of room to enjoy a delicious dinner while overlooking the extensive 4-acre property, followed by an evening of unwinding in an old wicker chair with family, friends and maybe even those neighbors you can see resting on their own porch next door.  Whatever it may be, the porch is the perfect place to gather and a lovely asset to each and every home.

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