Caimeiju: What Does it Mean For Us?

We are excited to announce that we entered into an exclusive real estate marketing relationship with last quarter. Caimeiju is a real estate website that focuses on connecting real estate professionals with high end Asian consumers. It is a big innovation for the company because in targeting high end Chinese buyers we will be “ahead of the curve” as our President and CEO Paul Breunich stated, and we will expanding our network drastically in an “increasingly important market in today’s global real estate marketplace.” Our new partnership comes at a time when the number of billionaires based in China has surpassed those of Japan and Russia to rank second only to the United States, according to an article published last quarter in The Wall Street Journal.

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Caimeiju, which translates as both “selecting a beautiful residence” and “selecting an American residence,” launched in 2009 as an international marketing agency targeting Asian purchasers. The company provides a variety of services for real estate agents including translation of listing copy into Chinese by a team of bilingual writers with knowledge of real estate, circulation of listings among real estate associates throughout China, visibility through China’s own search engines utilizing Chinese keywords, and promotion of listings on China’s top social media and real estate sites.

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We have also made significant strides lately in increasing our marketing toward Asian consumers with our launch of Luxury Showcase, presenting a selection of high end offerings with listing descriptions provided in both English and Chinese. We are excited by all of our new global initiatives, and cannot wait to see what else is in store for 2014!

*Learn more about Caimeiju here.

*Caimeiju just posted on Facebook about our Mark Twain listing, and the visits that it received on their Chinese social media page, SouFun!
View it here, (and don’t forget to “Like” the page!)

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Luxury on Bermuda Road in Westport, CTCaimeiju: What Does it Mean For Us?

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