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Waterfront living is one of the most sought-after lifestyles, and it is also one of the most varied. The waterfront lifestyle can mean a relaxing afternoon on a private Long Island Sound beach, enjoying the beautiful water view and the rhythmic lapping of the waves. Or it can mean boating out into the water from a private mooring, escaping from the rigors of everyday life to an ultimate island getaway, or nothing more than fly fishing from a peaceful riverfront stretch bordering the property. There is truly a wide array of lifestyles that can be fulfilled when it comes to waterfront living, and that’s why we’ve made them all easy to find with the launch of our new specialty website.

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty is excited to officially announce waterfrontpropertysir.com, a new brand website that showcases waterfront living for the discerning buyer. Offering stunning images, a large selection of property listings, resources, and articles on some of our more noteworthy waterfront properties as well as trends in living, the site offers users access to gorgeous waterfront listings available throughout our whole worldwide affiliate network. From secluded islands down in the Bahamas to Connecticut properties sitting right on the Sound, visitors can find it all. The site, which matches the style of our main brand website, sothebysrealty.com, also provides buyers and sellers with the ability to easily contact our experts as well as search for listings under a variety of search criteria, including riverfront, ocean and beach, island, boating and lakefront. Newsworthy waterfront sales from our network, including the seven miles of riverfront in Colorado known as Boot Jack Ranch that sold for $46.5 million, will be posted for the information of our users. As waterfront listings are searched for on our main website more than any other category, we are truly thrilled to be able to offer this new specialty website.


We invite you to visit waterfrontpropertysir.com and discover the variety of waterfront lifestyles now available. The site is part of a planned series of brand specialty sites that will highlight different sought-after lifestyles. The first was farmandranchSIR.com, showcasing farm and ranch lifestyle and property details and resources, and the brand plans to reveal further websites in the months ahead for skiing, golf and vineyard listings. These new websites are just another example of how our brand is truly like no other when it comes to fine real estate.

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