Fresh Faces and New Beginnings: Meet This Month’s Newest Agents

As we continue to grow and evolve, we are thrilled to introduce the talented individuals who have recently joined our team. In the past two months, we’ve welcomed a group of dynamic and dedicated agents who bring a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise. Each new member adds a unique perspective and skill set, enriching the collaborative network that defines us.

Let’s take a moment to meet the newest members of our team who are armed with knowledge and ready to make significant contributions to the company’s legacy.

George Martins
203.300.3017 | New Canaan Brokerage

As a real estate agent renowned for his reliability, genuineness, and meticulousness, George is deeply committed to making his clients a priority. Understanding that purchasing a home is one of the most significant decisions anyone can make, George is dedicated to supporting his clients every step of the way. George’s career is rooted in a profound love for home construction and an earnest desire to help people find their dream home. George’s path to real estate was significantly shaped by his early experiences; growing up with a father who was a general contractor allowed him to acquire skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and masonry. This practical knowledge, combined with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, has equipped him with a unique skill set in the real estate field. George’s stint in advertising sales for a media company further refined his marketing abilities, enabling him to present his clients’ properties in the best light possible. Married with two daughters — one of whom is his amazing dog — he cherishes his family life, which keeps him grounded and inspired. George is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, reflecting his diverse cultural background and enabling him to connect with a broader range of clients. George’s hobbies include restoring furniture and crafting unique wooden pieces, activities that reflect his creativity and love for transformation.

Carla Hohm
860.471.1295 | Stamford Brokerage

Carla is a seasoned legal professional with an impressive 35-year career span across multiple states. Originally from Chicago, she was raised in a small suburb on the North Shore. Throughout her career, Carla has worked as a Legal Assistant in Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and most recently, California. Her expertise encompasses various areas of law, including Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Estate Planning. In August 2022, Carla decided to embark on a semi-retirement journey, bidding farewell to California and relocating to Connecticut. Her decision was partly influenced by her love for New England and her desire to be closer to family. Upon settling in Stamford, CT, Carla obtained her real estate license, driven by her passion for homes and everything New England has to offer. Connecticut holds a special place in Carla’s heart, as she has spent significant portions of her life there, primarily in northern Fairfield County and the Hartford area. Among all the places she has lived, Connecticut resonates with her the most, feeling closest to home. Today, Carla is excited to start a new chapter in her life, blending her legal background with her newfound love for real estate in the charming landscapes of Connecticut.

Jenna Abare
860.966.4416 | Hartford County Regional Brokerage

Jenna has been a licensed Realtor and multi-million dollar producer since 2003. Jenna is a second-generation Realtor with a family history in both commercial and residential real estate. From the very beginning, building genuine client relationships has been a career foundation for Jenna. An educated yet caring approach to all areas of client representation is high on her list of accolades. Jenna has a passion far beyond real estate transactions. She has personally renovated two homes with many projects being either tear downs or seamlessly incorporating new build projects with existing homes. Jenna has also always had a serious interest in law and medicine. This is how she became specialized in real estate contract law. She then completed a phlebotomy and surgical technology program to satisfy her medical curiosity. When not working or designing a home renovation, Jenna spends her time traveling the world with her husband and son.

Jaime Richichi
516.749.5242 | Kent Brokerage

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Jaime spent summers in the Hamptons and rode horses professionally. The real estate spark was ignited at a young age when she and her mother would spend weekends attending open houses in appreciation for their aesthetic. This fueled her understanding of urban and rural property styles, market trends, and opportunities. Before pursuing her property journey Jaime embarked on a successful career in the global fashion industry as a senior executive overseeing nearly a billion dollars in businesses. With more than 15 years of experience under her belt running global fashion houses as a senior executive working side by side with some of the most successful CEOs and leaders in the world, she has long been in the front row of macroeconomics, market trends, and consumer movements. With a detailed understanding of strategic sales and operations, relationship building, and the art of negotiation alongside an acumen for impactful marketing, Jaime’s varied skill set has already been proven invaluable. Her significant black book network of high net-worth buyers extends far beyond New York. When she isn’t scouring the globe for the most fabulous homes, she and her adopted rescue dog, Luna split their time between their homes in Manhattan, Sag Harbor, and Litchfield County. She finds great joy in travel; especially when discovering non-tourist destinations and embracing local culture.

Caroline Besancon
203.240.2602 | Ridgefield Brokerage

Caroline Besancon, a licensed realtor in Connecticut, discovered her passion for real estate while searching for her own home in the scenic hills of Redding, CT. Currently residing there with her three children, and pets, and indulging in activities like gardening, cooking, running, and hiking, Caroline has built a fulfilling life. Originally from Poughkeepsie, NY, and having been raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, she moved to Westport, CT, in 2002 and eventually settled in Redding in 2009. Dedicated to helping her clients achieve their real estate dreams, Caroline is unwavering in her commitment. She provides exceptional, highly personalized customer care and strives to exceed the expectations of those she serves. Drawing from her background in education, Caroline infuses a love of learning and knowledge into the process of buying and selling homes.

Carolina Silva-Lisboa
203.667.9999 | Fairfield-Southport Brokerage

Meet Carol, a seasoned real estate professional licensed in Connecticut and Massachusetts. With a deep-rooted passion for the industry, Carol’s journey into real estate was not merely a career choice but a lifelong appreciation cultivated alongside her husband, a skilled general contractor. Together, they share a profound understanding of the intricacies of the market, making them a dynamic duo in the field. Carol understands the importance of finding the perfect home. Her multilingual abilities in English, Portuguese, and Spanish enable her to connect with a diverse range of clients, ensuring seamless communication throughout the buying or selling process. Having resided in Westchester, NY for 17 years before settling in Fairfield County, CT, Carol brings a wealth of local knowledge and insights to her clients. Her love for architecture further enriches her expertise, allowing her to recognize the unique charm and potential of each property she encounters. Her passion for construction, architecture, and interior design has flourished during her years in Fairfield County, making her an invaluable resource for all your real estate needs.

Colette Dornblum
914.3341976 | Bedford Brokerage

Born in NYC, attended school on the Main Line of Pennsylvania, and spent her past 13 years as a top producing and award-winning real estate agent in Southern California, having returned to the East Coast in beautiful Pound Ridge, New York. Bridging past professions in corporate retail management with Crate & Barrel as well as Anthropologie with her appreciation for home design made real estate a perfect fit – “to get to do what I love every day!” Offering an incredible understanding of the real estate process, and an instinctive ability to stay ahead of her clients’ needs while keeping a calm solutions-driven attitude. The importance of transparency and communication of the process, a skillful art of flexible negotiation, and being available to her clients before, during, and after every transaction. Notorious for taking a hands-on approach to details when prepping homes for market, her listings have received significant press coverage and seen in Dwell Magazine, California Home & Design, LA Times, and NY Times. Having the privilege of guiding clients to their next chapter of “home” is truly special. In her spare time, Colette enjoys traveling as much as possible, home design, and good food with her husband Adam, and son, Cole along with 2 dogs, Lula and Leo hiking the trails.

Shanan Vadavalli
203.737.0917 | Westport Brokerage

Shanan’s journey into real estate was ignited by her passion for transforming properties and uncovering their hidden potential. It all began when she purchased her first home, eager to turn it into something truly special. Through careful renovation and restoration, she uncovered the beauty and potential within, ultimately selling it for a profit. That initial experience sparked a fire within her – she was hooked. Driven by a desire to continue revitalizing homes and communities, Shanan embarked on a series of successful projects, each one fueling her love for real estate even more. This hands-on experience has provided Shanan with invaluable insights into property values, market trends, and the art of maximizing a home’s appeal. Having dedicated ten years to serving the community’s healthcare needs, Shanan has developed a profound appreciation for the importance of finding not just a house, but a true home where families can thrive and create lasting memories. Now, as a proud new mom herself, she understands the significance of finding the perfect place to raise a family in this beautiful corner of Connecticut. As a longtime resident of Southern CT, Shanan has an intimate knowledge of the local market trends and neighborhood dynamics.

Jessie Bennett
954.805.6480 | Great Barrington Brokerage

Jessie Bennett is a seasoned professional in the realm of real estate, serving clients across Berkshire County and Hudson Valley. Hailing from South Florida, her early years in studio dance instilled in her a resilience that has defined her career. Relocating to New York in 2009, Jessie embarked on a decade-long journey in the city’s real estate market, honing her expertise and forging close relationships with property owners. With eight years of experience as a rental and sales manager, Jessie transitioned seamlessly into residential sales in the Berkshires, where she excels in working directly with clients. Her approach is characterized by a commitment to education and inclusion, ensuring that her clients are active participants in the real estate process. In her dedication to making the real estate experience painless and pleasurable, Jessie embodies a bold and gritty spirit that sets her apart in the industry. In the dynamic landscape where grit meets grace, Jessie Bennett stands as a beacon of professionalism, navigating the complexities of real estate with determination and a profound commitment to her client’s success.

Carrie Wright
413.212.1865 | Great Barrington Brokerage

Born and bred in Berkshire, Carrie is not just a product of this vibrant region – she is its creative pulse. With an innate understanding of its unique market dynamics and a vast, thriving network, Carrie brings to the table an unparalleled insight into local neighborhoods and a deep-rooted history of community engagement. Carrie’s journey began at the Colorado Institute of Art, where she honed her craft in Commercial & Fine Art Photography. From Brooklyn to the sun-soaked streets of Tucson, Carrie’s path eventually led her back to where her heart truly belongs – the Berkshires. Here, amidst the rolling hills and cultural richness, she found her home and chose to raise her family. Carrie’s expertise extends far beyond the lens. With a multifaceted background as a marketing director, curator, art educator, and gallery manager, Carrie offers a holistic approach to real estate. Currently serving on the board of the Berkshire Art Association, she is deeply embedded in the artistic tapestry of the region. With a natural gift for forging relationships and boundless enthusiasm for unique architecture and creative design, Carrie thrives on helping her clients discover their perfect homes.

Cornel Fisher
914.646.9129 | Scarsdale Brokerage

Cornel Fisher is your real estate professional, offering a global perspective with a hometown touch. Having grown up in Edgemont and lived abroad in the Czech Republic, Cornel blends his local expertise with international flair, honing his skills in the intricate world of real estate.  With a background in diplomacy, Cornel brings a unique skill set to the real estate arena. His ability to navigate complexities, coupled with a keen understanding of people’s needs and negotiating skills, serves as a vital asset in the industry. In addition to his passion for the Sotheby’s brand and the world of luxury real estate, Cornel is deeply involved in the community, championing diversity and inclusion, women’s rights, and being an avid basketball fan. He understands that the community is not just about real estate or properties but about the people who call them home and the community charm. His genuine interest in assisting others extends beyond the real estate realm, making him a trusted advisor.

Ken Sobel
914.763.2000 | Bedford Brokerage

Ken Sobel has 36 years of experience brokering residential and commercial real estate and more than a decade of building real estate sales forces. He began his real estate career in Brooklyn Heights, NY in 1989. After learning the “brownstone market” he quickly became a market leader in his territory. In 1992 he moved to Westchester County where he quickly gained momentum in real estate and sales management. Today, Ken is listing and selling real estate, working with a large client base that he has built over more than 3 decades. Prior to his real estate career, Ken worked in NYC as a professional guitarist, playing in more than 15 Broadway shows and as a studio musician.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to these exceptional professionals, as we collectively look forward to achieving new milestones and building even stronger connections within our real estate network.

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