Interior Design Tips Inspired by Winter

Winter is here and Mother Nature has brought a new look to the outside world, so why not switch up your home’s look to match? A fresh design to your interior will brighten, warm and energize you and your living space. Give these winter-inspired home design tips a try – they just might save you from the winter blues.


Bold Accents

Feminine living room interior with burgundy armchair and dark green blanket on a beige sofa standing against an ombre wall

Pair warm tones like plum, red and purple with black or white for a bold look that pops. An accent of rich color will combat the bleakness of those gray days, raising your energy level and elevating your mood.



Add Layers for Comfort

Retro decorated sofa in elegant living room

Wearing layers is the most effective way to keep our bodies toasty during the cold months. The same is true for keeping your home warm. Adding a thick rug as well as throws and blankets on your couches and chairs will create a textured, comfortable feel.


Create an Indoor Winter Garden

Close up of the flower of a pink Christmas cactus

Avoid the feeling of winter’s more barren days by bringing plants and flowers into your home. highlights several houseplants that don’t need a lot of light and can survive an occasional draft of cold air. We love the bright pink of the christmas cactus, it’s the perfect pop of color and will brighten up any room.

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