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There’s something greatly appealing and memorable about seeing an incredible home come to life, and it doesn’t always have to be achieved by an in-person visit. With the power of technology, the effective use of listing videos and virtual tours has opened a whole new marketing avenue in the ever-changing housing industry. In addition to this innovative feature bringing home highlights to life in an impactful viewing experience, listing videos also have the ability to reach a wide audience when distributed from the right outlet—and what better outlet than The New York Times? Our company is excited to announce the recent news involving The New York Times’ exclusive partnership with WellcomeMat, the premier real estate video platform we use. This collaboration will market our videos to the highly qualified, engaged audiences associated with this premier publication, providing a dominant force in the world of real estate videos.


What this means is that when one searches for a particular property on, if it has a video, it can only be viewed if it is powered by WellcomeMat due to the two companies’ exclusive arrangement. Since we use this platform for all of our property footage and since we have a partnership with the Times that includes all of our listings appearing in the real estate search section of their site, our videos will now automatically feed through The New York Times website, resulting in incomparable exposure for our listings.


WellcomeMat is known to build traffic, audience and engagement through its many services including video hosting, an embeddable onsite user experience, social media and its premium real estate distribution. As the leading real estate video platform, all video content from the Sotheby’s International Realty® brand is hosted and distributed through WellcomeMat. On average, the highly regarded platform generates four times the amount of views any other digital content would receive through a free site such as YouTube, maximizing return on all video investments.


To learn more about The New York Times-WellcomeMat partnership, and how it directly impacts our company, please click here.

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