“Sundays at Sotheby’s”— Stacey Vukelj

This past Sunday, our Rowayton brokerage hosted an artist reception for Stacey Vukelj as part of our “Sundays at Sotheby’s” series. The series is a monthly program that involves the brokerage welcoming new art to display in its office, typically holding an artist reception on the first Sunday of the month. This past Sunday’s artist of choice was New York City-based street and travel photographer Stacey Vukelj.


Leading up to the event, Darien agent Molly Crosland, who spearheads much of the brokerage’s artist series, remarked, “Our Rowayton brokerage is gearing up for yet another special evening of pure talent and beauty. Vukelj’s stunning photography will bring a whole new dimension of artwork to our successful ‘Sundays at Sotheby’s’ series. I look forward to celebrating the often overlooked and obscure beauties of the world that are captured so artfully in Vukelj’s work.”

Inspired by her time walking on and observing the bustling New York City streets, Vukelj’s artwork contrasts the overwhelming pandemonium of the city with the individual bubbles of seclusion that countless urban residents create around themselves. She incorporates these distinct themes of cohesion and separateness in her travel imagery as well, where captured vast skies and open spaces often provide an interconnected feeling among vastly different locations.


Wine and hors d’oeuvres were served as Vukelj was able to introduce her amazing artwork in an intimate and casual setting between 4 and 6 pm. Members of the office, as well as members of the general public, were afforded the unique opportunity to meet with Vukelj face-to-face and discuss her artwork on a personal level. As the event concluded, Vukelj’s work was integrated into the Rowayton office display, joining a collection of many artists’ contributions.

For more information on the photography of Stacey Vukelj, please visit her website here.

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