Harbor Point’s Best Food Trucks

At Stamford’s south end lies perhaps the largest redevelopment in the entire nation, and one of the most fascinating phenomenons currently happening in one of our markets. Building Land Technology’s (BLT) Harbor Point development just keeps growing, adding new office spaces and apartments, fabulous new restaurants, exceptional shopping venues and much more. One notable example of the kind of business that is drawing crowds in ever greater numbers is the appearance of a number of great food trucks on the scene. The food they serve rivals the offerings of some of the area’s top restaurants, and they allow for consumers to enjoy a quick yet satisfying lunch or dinner at a good price, while relaxing somewhere along the water or within one of the new parks.

Most of Harbor Point’s best food trucks are found at Harbor Point Square’s recently opened Beer Garden, sited on the waterfront and providing a wide variety of refreshing local craft brews. Foodies will discover a rotating selection of trucks every evening out on the driveway. The Fairfield County dining out blog OmNomCT named LobsterCraft its favorite of these trucks for its lobster rolls filled with locally caught fresh lobster. Among the standout menu choices are the Lobster BLT, the habanero-infused buttery Heat Wave, and the avocado, ginger soy and tomato-rich California. The Melt Mobile truck also comes highly recommended, serving delicious grilled cheese sandwiches made with local and imported cheeses, local artisan breads, and fresh organic meats and produce. This truck even caught the eye of Bobby Flay, who was recently here filming a segment for 3 Days to Open, his new Foot Network television show.

Traveling from Norwalk to Harbor Point is Hot off the Grille, home to some truly mouthwatering sandwiches including the delectable half-pound Ministry Burger. Skinny Pines is also sometimes stationed at The Beer Garden in between visits to local Fairfield County farmer’s markets, offering wood-fired pizza crafted with local seasonal ingredients. The Caribbean and contemporary American food truck Maddy’s serves its Haitian Creole cuisine on Stamford’s city streets by day and at The Beer Garden by night.

Considering the explosion of growth now occurring in Stamford, we are thrilled that our company’s services are available to buyers and sellers through the recently opened Harbor Point office. Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty invites you to stop by the local 121 Towne Street or 2200 Atlantic Street office of our partner firm, William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty, once you’ve had a chance to try out one of Harbor Point’s gourmet food trucks.

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