A Home for the Season

There are a variety of traditions that people adore when it comes to the holidays, from gifts and gatherings with friends to seasonal music and delicious dishes. Many especially look forward to spending a weekend adorning their home and grounds with all of the decorations and lights that fully evoke the joy of the holiday season. While there is comfort in bringing out the same decorations year after year, some might be looking for some new ideas to spruce up their home for the holidays.

HGTV recommends simplifying the thinking behind decorations, although that doesn’t mean they need to be smaller or more sparely used. Choosing a specific theme and sticking to it will provide the decorations with a professional look while making shopping all the easier, and working from a limited selection of colors like silver, blue and white, or red, brown and gold can eliminate the distraction of using too many colors. Avoiding colored lights in favor of white lights will have the same effect. Interiors will also benefit by positioning a few well-chosen candles throughout, providing pleasant smells and a warm and cozy aura, while bringing the holiday spirit into some rooms that might not otherwise have it, like the baths and kitchen. Homemade decorations can be created as a family pastime, the source additionally suggests, including ribbons, beaded garlands, pine cone ornaments, feathers or snowflakes cut from paper.

A few other items along the lines of those feathers and pine cones can be found in the backyard and added to the decorations for a totally natural holiday décor, according to HowStuffWorks. In fact, fruits, seeds, leaves, plants and branches are all fair game when putting up decorations. Garden greenery can be used to make garlands or wreathes, or added as an embellishment to centerpieces and flower arrangements, and lends the home a certain feeling of freshness. Doors can be decorated with evergreen branches along with those wreathes, which are made more festive with fruits like gold and red apples, pomegranates, cranberries or winter holly berries. Wildflowers, pine cones, dried pods and twigs can be gathered outdoors and all put together in a basket, and then sprayed with silver or gold paint.

From everyone at Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty, we hope you enjoy your home this season and have a very happy holiday.


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