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Broker Public Portal Welcomes Homesnap

A new way for consumers to directly communicate with brokers is coming to real estate, and it’s gaining support by the minute. Known as the Broker Public Portal (BPP), this exciting, fresh initiative is still in the development stage but is expected to launch in the near future. The BPP is a collaborative venture between real estate brokerages, real estate franchisors and Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) around the country that will supply a home search experience that offers the most comprehensive, timely and detailed property information to both brokers and consumers—an alternative to the three dominant websites for searching real estate. It is believed that a broker-owned, broker-controlled website such as this is vital to our industry, and will help to provide true competition in the real estate portal space online.

Global communication concept

Bringing this groundbreaking portal closer to launch, BPP has now partnered with Homesnap, the creators behind a number of innovative, highly rated real estate apps for consumers and agents. The recent partnership will ignite a one-of-a-kind national home search experience that, according to BPP, will be defined by simplicity, integrity and common sense under the reputable Homesnap brand.

“Working with Homesnap is the perfect way to introduce the Broker Public Portal to the world,” said our firm’s President and CEO Paul Breunich, who is also the President of the Connecticut BPPMLS, a full participant in the BPP. “The innovative company has a reputation for resourceful services and quality tools that makes them the right partner for us in launching the best possible home search experience to real estate professionals and consumers nationwide.”

As a result of this joint effort, the BPP launch will include a sophisticated app for iPhones and Androids when it at last arrives, as well as a mobile and desktop website without ads or paid agent placements. Clients will be able to easily connect with agents to gain information on listings, local areas and market conditions. Real estate agents will also have access to Homesnap Pro, a mobile app for agents to acquire listing details and collaborate with clients and fellow sales associates. Both Homesnap and Homesnap Pro are powered by a specialized homes database that combines MLS data, property tax records, census data, geographic boundaries and more. Best-in-class consumer apps across platforms, industry-leading mobile tools for every agent and a robust broker dashboard to track agent, office and market activity will all soon be conveniently available at the simple touch of a finger.


“We could not be happier to partner with the BPP,” said Guy Wolcott, co-founder and CEO of Homesnap. “This was a natural fit for us, as we share the BPP’s vision of a single brand and unified platform that serves and connects both consumers and agents. Now, we’ve joined forces to make that vision a reality on a national scale. And we’ll be working even harder together to build the best tools for consumers, agents, brokers and MLSs.”

Thousands of agents and brokers on the MLS intend to participate in the BPP at launch. Current and new customers of Homesnap are additionally expected to follow suit, making this a tremendous nationwide effort that truly displays the united power of the industry.

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For more information on the Broker Public Portal and its latest partnership with Homesnap, please visit its website here.

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