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Designing Health and Wellness in the Home


We give a lot of ourselves to the spaces of our home. We give our unique styles and tastes, expressions and personalities. Considering we use our bodies and minds to shape our living space, today we’re looking at a few home-design tips to assure that the space we create provides a dose of health and wellness in return.


Explore Aromatherapy

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The reasons for incorporating plants into our décor and diet needs no explanation, but there are more benefits lying in the roots, stems, leaves and flowers that may be less commonly understood. Aromatherapy, the practice of using the essential oils of plants to improve well-being, has been used for thousands of years in all cultures and regions of the world. Mindbodygreen details a few ways that aromatherapy can play a part in your home, including a blend for attaining restful sleep.


Opt for Soothing Colors

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Like a clear blue sky or an expanse of green and yellow countryside, there are sights that soothe us. When you’re considering colors in your home design keep in mind the close association between aesthetics and mood. House Beautiful highlights 14 colors that both look and feel good.


Consider Lighting

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Sometimes a boost to our health and wellness can come from simply seeing things in a new light. Strategies for using light to optimize your home’s spaces include lighting dark corners, choosing the right shade and using different sources of light. Apartment Therapy highlights 10 strategies for bringing optimal light into your home’s design.


Feng Shui Your Home

Modern feng shui interior











According to Real Simple, feng shui is a practice based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of what’s happening inside us. It’s about organizing the spatial relations of objects in order to minimize negative and maximize positive energy. For example, a big mirror reflecting a table is said to bring good fortune. Check out some more feng shui decorating tips here.

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