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Home Care in the Winter

If the spring season brings with it a mandatory and thorough “spring cleaning,” then the winter should be a time for addressing a different set of unique challenges, equally demanding as they are. Indeed, caring for a home in the coldest season of the year brings up several special concerns, including energy efficiency, dealing with winterizing, and preparing a home for the holidays.

In the latter category falls adorning a home with decorations, an activity that should be preceded by a good home cleaning, says HowStuffWorks. Later, when the decorations come down, they should be wiped down prior to being packed away in storage to make next year’s holiday decorating go all the faster. Artificial Christmas trees can be cleaned in the shower, using a gentle spray. The winter also brings other cleaning challenges that don’t occur at other times of year, such as replacing furnace filters regularly to prevent too must dust and debris from gathering in the air, since the furnace is getting a lot more use.

When discussing the maintenance of a home over the winter, weather cannot be overlooked. The source suggests a few ideas for dealing with snow and ice, including ensuring useful items such as scrapers, salt for de-icing driveways and walkways, and shovels have been removed from storage and are somewhere easily accessible. After a storm hits and some of that outdoor shoveling has been finished, the snow can be left outside by throwing down some mats near the door or even parking boots on baking sheets to contain the snow and dirt. Keeping extra batteries, flashlights and canned foods on hand is also a good idea in case of a storm.

The Hartford Courant recently ran some additional thoughts on how to help a home stay healthy in winter. Freezing pipes can be a major concern, so insulating them or allowing them to be exposed to heat via open doors or a slightly higher than normal thermostat can help to protect against this issue. Ice dams in the gutters are another danger, and can be prevented by removing all of the autumn leaves from them before winter hits. Energy efficiency is also important to many this season, and the source proposes reducing drafts from outside by using caulking, closing the chimney when the fireplace isn’t in use, locking windows and removing air conditioners. Further, programmable thermostats can make the sure the temperatures stays at appropriate levels.

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty wishes you happy home care and a very happy holiday season.

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