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Luxurious Gifts for Luxurious Tastes

By Tyler R. Morrissey

The holiday season ushers in a time where we give gifts to others and sometimes ourselves. With just 12 shopping days left until Christmas, time is of the essence if you haven’t finished all of your shopping. We’ve compiled this handy gift guide that includes some of the finest luxury gifts of 2017, which will allow you to find something for everyone, even those who are hard to shop for.

Vintage photo camera of the last century on a white background. The history of the development of photographic equipment and technology

In the photography world, vintage cameras are making a comeback. Many photo enthusiasts are longing for the cameras their parents used, without sacrificing the quality and craftsmanship of modern digital cameras. Harpers Bazzar put together their gift guide, which included this high-end camera from the British company Leica. The Leica M, silver chrome camera will run you about $7,400 and features groundbreaking technological advancements. The camera includes a newly developed, high-resolution, CMOS sensor that, in combination with its high-performance processor, delivers outstanding imaging results.

Espresso machine making fresh cup of coffee

If you’re tired of making that daily run to Starbucks or to the local coffee shop but still want the finest coffee experience that’s fit for a movie star you may want to check out this coffee maker. The caffeine will not be the only buzz from this “coffee center” that made it to CNBC’s roundup of luxury gifts. Williams-Sonoma sells the Giga X7, which can brew as many as 28 beverages including lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos. The $9,000 machine can also brew a whole pot of coffee in less than two and a half minutes.

Gift in a beautiful box with a bow, candy

Also making CNBC’s gift guide this season is what looks to be a simple product from one of the world’s most famous high-end retailers. We all know that Tiffany and Co. sells some of the most glamorous jewelry on the market, but have you ever considered buying yarn from Tiffany’s? Priced at $9,000, this handspun ball of yarn contains individual strands of sterling silver. To make this particular item even rarer, only five were crafted in New York for sale to the general public. If anybody on your shopping list is a sewing aficionado or appreciates fashion, this might be the perfect gift for them.

Luxury Watches

Many gifts for men revolve around golf products, ties or a pair of socks, and sometimes these gifts simply won’t do. Men’s Health gives you some alternatives for the man on your list in the form of the finest luxury watches. The timepieces featured in the article range in price from $3,200 to nearly $12,000. Some of the highlights include an elegant watch from Piaget that’s ideal for the weekend warrior and a bold, refined watch from Bvlgari that looks bigger than life, but is just three millimeters thick.


The holidays are a time for crafting cocktails and enjoying the company of family and friends at home. tabbed this $4,995 mixology box set from Ralph Lauren to their list of top notch gifts for 2017. The box design is inspired by Ralph Lauren’s personal collection of rare Bugattis (plural or possessive?), and is made from carbon fiber, burl wood and leather. Inside you’ll find everything you need to make the classiest of drinks including a decanter, cocktail shaker, bar spoon and rocks glasses.

Foosball table in home interior

Maybe you’ve seen commercials for the home décor and home goods online retailer Houzz. They’ve put together a holiday gift guide with items at various price points including products for those that have a luxury taste. Foosball tables are not just for the game room or arcade anymore. For just over $8,000, you can own a foosball table that can accent just about any living space. The rules, the game and the fun remain the same, only you’re now playing on a strikingly modern work of art. From the top, its shape refers to modern soccer stadiums, and its use of wooden elements expands on the Scandinavian design tradition of simplicity.

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