A family construction business in Rye, N.Y. brings a unique approach to the home building process.

It can be argued that Lorono Construction is the company responsible for setting the price point for properties on Ann Lane, one of the most sought-after streets in Rye, New York. Headed by well-known builder Joe Lorono and his sons, Joe Jr. and Frank, the construction firm has achieved record prices for a number of residences the family built there in the Colonial style. “Those homes sat in a sweet spot. They were exactly what everyone wanted,” says Lorono’s elder son of the development. Case in point, a five-bedroom home at 17 Ann Lane, situated on a lovely cul-de-sac, sold for a 2007 height-of-the-market record of $3 million to a buyer who had faith that the level of quality synonymous with the Lorono name would ensure long-term value. Sure enough, that buyer resold the same home for $4.5 million in 2013.

And then there’s the tale of 10 Hook Road in Rye, a just-completed, 5,600+ square-foot cedar clapboard home that takes a transitional design approach, with its more familiar exterior delivering the surprise of a much more modern interior comprised of clean lines and white paneling. To illustrate just how in demand this builder’s homes are, the property quickly sold, but its buyers could hardly hold onto it. They were offered $100,000 over what they paid by another interested party who was after the latest Lorono design.

So what is the Lorono secret? Of course, the high-end amenities and appliances are all present and accounted for, such as the Rutt kitchens with their Wolf fixtures, Carrera marble counters and Sub-Zero refrigerators, and the architectural quality is nothing short of superb. Perfectly illustrating these points is a 7,700+ square-foot cedar shingle, wood-roofed residence at 391 Park Avenue, currently under construction in the Hamptons style with an expertly crafted interior. Yet the construction company has much more to offer beyond style and amenities.

The attention to detail is one essential component to what makes these homes so special. When you step inside of a Lorono home, you can feel the difference even if you can’t immediately articulate it. Perhaps it’s the transom window, perfectly placed to make the room that much brighter. Perhaps it’s the insulation between every floor, creating a comforting quiet with the virtual elimination of traveling sound. Perhaps it’s the integrated style between the wall paneling and the door and window casing, a design touch that is often overlooked. “There is a dedication to the foundation of beautiful construction,” says Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty agent Linda Darer, who has marketed a number of the builder’s projects. These enhancements can be subtle, but they make an enormous difference in a home’s aesthetic. “People will say: I don’t know what it is about this home; it just works,” the builder notes.

Another factor is the hands-on commitment he and his sons bring to each project, from inception to completion. “Before we start building, it’s already done in our minds—it’s like it’s right there,” Joe Lorono Jr. explains. “Then over the course of the next year, it’s a matter of tweaking and improving that original concept and realizing the vision.” They are involved in every aspect of that process of realization to an unusual degree, and can be found on site at the properties they are developing every day, overseeing their crews to maintain the best quality control. “We worry about the most intricate piece,” the builder claims. “We are fully involved in every decision so that nothing slips through the cracks. Everything in the completed house is there as a result of a decision that was made.” This may be why a good portion of the company’s business is referred by former clients, and why many individuals have come back to work with them multiple times.

Construction seems to run in the family genes. Lorono, who has been building in Rye for more than 30 years, and has constructed over 100 homes including 60 from the ground up, brings four generations of experience to the table. His two grandfathers were cabinet makers, and now his two sons are builders as well. The younger Loronos have played a strong part in helping the business to change with the industry and proactively stay on top of new architectural concepts and cutting-edge technology for the residential building arena.

With the shared focus and passion brought by each of the Loronos, it is no wonder the operation has enjoyed such significant success in the Rye real estate market. The proof is in their results over the past decades. Only through their total dedication to detail can the kind of perfection found in homes like 10 Hook Road and 391 Park Avenue be attained. Darer describes the properties perfectly: “They are at once classic and timeless, yet beautifully modern and suited to the tastes of today’s buyer.”

10 Hook Road in Rye, New York had a last asking price of $3,995,000 USD and 391 Park Avenue in Rye, New York is now offered at $4,395,000 USD. For more information, please contact Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty agent Linda Darer at +1 914 921 9218 or

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