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Spring Refresh

Birds are chirping, trees are budding and moods are lifting along with the heightened sun—everything about springtime is just a little brighter. Now it’s time to bring this positivity into your home with fresh décor choices and vibrant colors that perfectly reflect the effervescent spirit of the season. Spring forward with these simple steps for a cheerful, inviting atmosphere that is sure to bring each room into full, glorious bloom.

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Bring on the Bright Accents

It’s time to tuck away those cold weather accessories and break out the color! Longer days and warmer weather make thick blankets, flannel comforters and heavy throw pillows things of the past. Send these items to storage and replace them with adventurous accent pillows and playful patterns. HGTV suggests dressing your home as you would dress yourself, and putting together fresh and stylish looks with spring-hued vases, candles and other new touches.

Accents-Bright--11 North Kirby
11 North Kirby Road-Rye, N.Y.

Hello, Sunshine!

Welcoming sunshine into your home is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a living space that’s just bursting with the infectious zest of spring. Wash away any remnants of winter with a scrub down of all windows, allowing for ample sunlight to shine through. HGTV brings this idea a step further by advising homeowners to focus on window treatments in addition to cleaning. The article advises individuals to replace any dark, shady hues with lighter colors, or perhaps even white sheers for an elegant look that lets those rays shed some sparkling light on your home.

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The Natural Look

With the regrowth of spring, it’s only fitting that your home’s rooms should reflect Mother Nature’s blooming radiance. Elle Décor discusses the importance of incorporating little bits of the outdoors throughout your home by decorating with freshly picked flowers, branches or fruits, like a fresh bowl of oranges out on display. Appealing to the senses is a mood-shifting strategy, as fragrant bouquets and other fresh elements of nature can help soothe the mind with their pleasant aromas, as well as add strikingly colorful visuals to your décor.

Flowers-73 East Wharf Rd
73 East Wharf Road-Madison, CT
Flowers out-1 Loretta Court
1 Loretta Court-Westport, CT

New Shades

Perhaps the most obvious interior change to make during the spring is switching up your color schemes. While smooth pastels and soft yellows, pinks and blues, similar to the tones of Pantone’s Color of the Year, tend to be staples for the season, HGTV encourages individuals to break free from this expectation, and go with bolder, statement-worthy shades. Some top picks include emerald green to reflect the increasingly lush outdoors, a bright, sunny yellow, turquoise, orange for a welcoming vibe, and gray paired with pink or other vibrant tones for an overall spring appeal.

Color Sample and Paintbrush

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