27 Tory Hole

The staircase has been making bold statements and inviting impressions in homes for countless years. While serving as a vital architectural element in the construction of a building, the winding, leveled structures are undoubtedly now also used as decorative pieces—a flexible feature that adds both purpose and style to any room. In recent years, stairways have increasingly taken on more bold and daring forms. “The 20th century witnessed an explosion in design creativity that resulted in ground-breaking staircase shapes,” notes an article on the topic in our brand’s latest Art & Home magazine. “The trend continues today, when, more than ever before, this architectural element conceived in function has become an art object unto itself.” Here are six homes with stairs that prove this statement true, boasting unique designs, styles and stunning details that, without question, have the power to “step up” a residence’s luxurious appeal to the next level.

          23 Spring Lake Road—Sherman, Conn.

23 Spring Lake

This stunning interpretation of a modern mid-century home in Sherman, Conn., offers a sleek, minimalist interior with quite the striking staircase. The semi-circular, white structure leads residents to the luxurious master suite, which resides on the second level, neighboring three additional bedrooms. The stairway, like the rest of the house, resembles a piece of modern art, adding to the home’s unique aesthetics and overall brilliant, artistic atmosphere.

277 Milton Road—Warren, Conn.

277 Milton Road

A restored 1880 antique farmhouse, located on 29 acres of land in the town of Warren, Conn., flawlessly maintains much of its original historic details and charm. Residents can enjoy classic features such as the home’s inviting covered porch, which spans the front of the house, stone patios, a living room with a large fireplace and more. Other home highlights include vaulted ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, and of course, a one-of-a-kind, custom staircase that winds its way to the master bedroom suite, two guest rooms and a full upstairs bath.

1100 Cove Road—Mamaroneck, N.Y.

1100 Cove Road

Originally built in 1979, this lovely Mamaroneck, N.Y. carriage house has been completely transformed by its current owner, who is a talented designer, into a brilliant showcase residence that exhibits exceptional attention to detail throughout. Surrounded by water views of Westchester’s Delancey Cove, the 5,710 square-foot, tranquil home aims to blend its dramatic interior with the peacefulness of the great outdoors, featuring  a wide-open floor plan, walls of glass as well as various porches, patios, decks and balconies. Adding to this hint of bold flavor, the residence’s lavish master suite makes a statement with its distinctly placed, stylish staircase that spirals upwards to the second floor.

26 Pequot Lane—New Canaan, Conn.

26 Pequot Lane

It’s all about first impressions at this custom brick estate, which rests regally on four acres of land in New Canaan, Conn. Upon entering the home, visitors are greeted by an elegant double staircase that swoops down from both sides, successfully creating what one would call the ultimate “grand entrance.” Other extraordinary features to accompany this stairway include high ceilings, Brazilian cherry and marble flooring, as well as exceptional millwork throughout the estate’s three finished levels.

79 Hawthorne Street—Stockbridge, Mass.

79 Hawthorne

This spectacular 36-acre estate rests just steps from where the Berkshires’ famous Tanglewood Festival in Stockbridge, Mass. is held. The Federal-style brick manor house combines 21st-century conveniences and top-quality custom details with numerous traditional features that have the power to bring you back in time, the home’s graceful double staircase being one of them. Beautiful landscaping and an all-in-all scenic, country setting complete the estate.

27 Tory Hole Road—Darien, Conn.

27 Tory Hole

Quality and sophistication encompass this modern Darien, Conn. home, designed in 1938 by a collaborator of the highly acclaimed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The residence echoes elements of The Guggenheim Museum. Curved walls are intricately crafted to capture the natural light, while the home’s staircase follows suite, bending upwards with its arched surroundings—a scene that certainly resembles a museum-worthy work of modern art.

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