Take ACTION: Join us in Support of Nepal Relief

In the wake of Saturday’s massive earthquake in Nepal, individuals from all around the world are coming together for the common good of humanity to help the victims of this devastating disaster that nearly destroyed the country’s rugged landscape, villages and homes.  Most recent reports reveal overwhelming numbers, with a rising death toll of more than 3,600 people, and over 6,500 injuries. With these statistics, as well as the thousands more who are displaced in the streets with no food, clothing, medicine and shelter, there is no doubt that the people of Nepal are in desperate need of aid and support.

To contribute to disaster relief efforts, our company has recently set up a program whereby agents, staff and any other willing individual can give to those in need by supporting AmeriCares, a humanitarian organization that aids survivors of natural disasters and victims of extreme poverty around the world. AmeriCares has already taken action by sending an emergency response team to the impact zone of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake, and is shipping medical aid and relief supplies from its warehouses in the U.S., Europe and India.

Now it’s your turn—Donate to our company fund today to help AmeriCares continue attaining the resources needed for valuable relief. Once achieving our dollar goal, our company pledges to match all donations up to $15,000.

“We have met disaster relief goals in the past, and I am confident we will again,” said President and CEO Paul Breunich, who has organized our company’s commendable efforts. “Each gift contributed by our generous donors will be directly given to AmeriCares, ensuring that the organization’s crisis services will be quick and effective. I am already proud of the amount we have raised, and hope all will continue to join us in our efforts to provide for the people of Nepal.”

We are a dedicated supporter of AmeriCares, previously participating in the organization’s humanitarian efforts in impoverished areas of Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, as well as its work to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy and the Philippenes typhoon. Let’s once again make yet another world of difference in the lives of those in need.

To make a contribution, please visit Thank you!

Keep up the great work, team! Donate TODAY!


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