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Visit Hong Kong with Julia B Fee SIR

欢迎光临香港 (Welcome to Hong Kong)

Amongst the hustle and bustle of what is the city, Hong Kong offers natural parkland and spectacular scenery. This captivating city is internationally and culturally diverse, offering a uniquely cosmopolitan lifestyle. From the most attractive tourist attractions, to the finest cultural and dining experiences, this city offers something for everyone. As the top destination city in Asia, we would like to acquaint you with the special administrative region (SAR) known as Hong Kong.  You will find the people inviting and the attractions adventurous.

Life in Hong Kong moves at a rapid rate, while at the same time maintains a delicate balance with traditional Chinese practices. With a capitalist focused service economy, Hong Kong continues to be one of the leading international financial centers, with its currency the eighth most traded in the world. China assumed sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997, after 150 years of British Colonial rule. China is primarily responsible for foreign relations and defense of the city, while its economic and commercial activities are separately managed from within. This policy was supported by the U.S., starting with official policy in 1992. With these uniquely defined governing rules, Hong Kong continues to thrive and flourish.

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Julia B Fee Sotheby’s International Realty will guide you through this fast-paced world called Hong Kong.  As you explore this vibrant city, stop by The Nautilus: South Bay Road 16A Repulse Bay, HK 00000 Hong Kong. This 4,675 square foot property offers four bedrooms, three bathrooms and separate living and dining areas. The house lays on the shore line of Repulse Bay.  This waterfront gem also offers high ceilings, three balconies, two terraces and a two space car park.  We are confident that you will find this location is exactly what you imagined as a home in Hong Kong. Listed byHong Kong Sotheby’s International Realty at $41,289,257 USD. 

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