A Spring Makeover

With its longer daytime hours, warmer weather, and blossoming flowers, this season is one of rebirth, renewal and re-energizing  With spring every year comes the tradition of spring cleaning, a practice that adds new vibrancy to a lived-in residence, making a home feel just as new as the fresh natural environment surrounding it. While spring offers plenty of inspiration to give a home a new makeover, many might find the process just as challenging as it is enjoyable. Therefore, a few guidelines are in order.

A checklist is an excellent place to start, according to How Stuff Works, as it functions as both a time saver and a tool for breaking a large project down into manageable chunks. The first item on the checklist is often the task of decluttering, which includes clearing out unused material possessions that take up space, and would otherwise have to be cleaned and maintained during the makeover, and giving clothes away that haven’t been worn in a couple of seasons. Dusting is the next step, and since grime and dirt has a way of working its way up from bottom to top, it is best to clean from ceiling to floor. When dust falls from the lamps, ceiling fans and other higher objects, it can be swept up later during the cleaning of the rugs and floors. Some might feel that decluttering and dusting is enough, while others might be taken by the cleaning spirit and decide to give some attention to finer details, such as eliminating buildup in the dryer vents or air conditioning units, attending to the caulking on the bathtubs, or organizing by purchasing some storage bins.

 House Beautiful recommends organizing as a great way of reducing clutter, starting with the closet. Other spring cleaning tips provided by the online magazine include removing smudges from painted walls using a cloth with water and a small amount of dish soap, wiping off counter top stains with a mix of water, hydrogen peroxide and a minimal amount of ammonia, cleaning stainless steel appliances with a wax-based aerosol spray, and taking care of kitchen and bath tiles with baking soda or a neutral pH cleaner. After cleaning, owners might also consider changing the towels, bedding and table linens as a final touch as the season changes.

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty hopes you have a warm and wonderful spring, whether or not you decide to undertake a good spring cleaning. If you do, you are sure to feel a sense of accomplishment when you view the beautiful and pristine final results.

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