During this time of year, it’s not uncommon for visions of sunshine, white sand and piña coladas to disrupt your typical day-to-day thoughts.  For many, it may seem like the winter is never ending. Between this unusually cold February weather and the surplus of snowfall, dreaming of warm summer days under the sun creates the perfect virtual escape.

Continue counting the days ‘till spring and dream even bigger with these 6 Sotheby’s International Realty-represented beachfront homes throughout the world that undoubtedly deliver the tropical paradise that may be consuming your mind.  From the east coast of Thailand to the Mediterranean Sea and the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, these breathtaking properties are sure to brighten your day and wash any winter blues away.

                  Majestic Mansion in Puerto Valledemossa, Spain                                

Situated on 247 acres of beautiful, coastal land, this country estate offers direct access to the Mediterranean Sea, and for all you history buffs, quite the interesting past! In the mid 19th century, Archduke Ludvig Salvator of Habsburg purchased the residence, immediately becoming intrigued and captivated by its expanse of shoreline.  He soon began an exploration along the coastline, eventually returning with renovations for the main house in mind that were inspired by the Sicilian style architecture seen during his travels.  The regal, private estate now offers various amenities and lifestyle opportunities including a coastal fishing hamlet, small jetty, an ancient chapel and more.

The Turtle Tail Estate

This property straight out of paradise most likely resembles your wildest winter dreams!  With its ultra-luxurious, resort-style features and amenities amid a beautiful Turks and Caicos location, chances are it does. The newly constructed compound includes 4.57 acres of private land, where lucky residents can swim in the wrap-around infinity pool, lounge in one of the many outdoor areas, relax by the fire-pit at night and spend time in the residence’s screening room, game room, wine cellar, fully equipped gym and more. Perhaps the most exquisite opportunity available, though, is the glistening Caribbean Sea that lies just a few steps away from the home’s own front door.

Stunning Beachfront Villa in Thailand

This contemporary estate on the east coast of Thailand, offers nothing but endless views and spa-like amenities perfect for relaxing in paradise.  Signs of the serene environment that encompasses this unique villa are present everywhere, from its main living quarters and outdoor spaces, to its infinity pool and beautifully maintained gardens.  Sunshine and panoramic views flood the home’s spacious atmosphere every day, filling it with sheer brilliance and immediately lifting sprits and warming those paradise-aching hearts.

Spectacular Italian Villa

Step back in time and onto the cobblestone pathways of this charming home on the Italian Emerald Coast.  Built in the 1960s, the villa once served as a guesthouse to the popular Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, an adored destination of many celebrities and business leaders. Countless years of loving care and attention have helped to maintain the detailed features of this authentic Sardinian-structured, two-level residence, which boasts seamless continuity between its interior and exterior walls—a stylistic way to embrace the striking beauty of the surrounding landscape and Mediterranean Sea.


Art and Architecture at Honolua Bay

 Lying on its own private peninsula of Kapalua, Hawaii, this stunning oceanfront estate known as AURA, is sure to bring any beach-lover’s dreams to life.  The modern, sustainable architecture of each building that comprises this three-structured compound, includes a surf hut style that overlooks the clear, blue waters of Honolua Bay.  In addition to its amazing design, the property also boasts remarkable work by master photographer Peter Lik, a renowned artist with an eye for capturing beauty in some of the most picturesque landscapes around the world.  Clearly, Lik chose the right spot for creative inspiration and picturesque views, often using AURA to showcase much of his photography.

Beachfront Abode in the Bahamas

 This elegant estate, better known as the “Yellow House,” offers a backyard of white sand, warm tropical breezes and clear Caribbean water.   Surrounded by 5 acres of pure, coastal beauty, this Bahamas residence definitely comes close to paradise.  Upon entrance, individuals are immediately greeted with sparkling marble floors and a sweeping, mahogany staircase, appropriately setting the tone for the rest of the luxurious home.  With its own private beach and numerous amenities, some of which include a gym, pool and staff quarters, this beachfront paradise offers a lifestyle that makes anything seem possible.

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