It’s been a long, cold, extra-snowy winter, but we can finally see the light! (And feel the warmth.) Springtime has arrived, so why not celebrate by soaking up the sunshine of each brightening day in the comfort of your own home?

For those of you that have a sun-filled room in your house, it’s time to head on straight for it. Spaces with features meant for capturing the sun offer the ideal place to relax while catching some much-awaited springtime rays.  Here are a number of homes with sunny areas perfect for this time of year.

Sunrooms are a common home structure built to capture surrounding views and the day’s light with a warm, stylish embrace.  In Redding, CT, 92 Gallows Hill has a room just like this located behind the house with convenient access to the back deck. Imagine welcoming in the spring and summer months by entertaining friends and family with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, or perhaps even a game of cards in this perfectly lit, warm space.

73 Pepperbush Lane, a beautiful Colonial in Guilford, CT, also offers a sunroom strategically situated with direct access to the backyard—the perfect place to start your day with a cup of coffee and later, head outside for a morning walk on the home’s private property.

A little Vitamin D and magnificent views are enjoyed from the vivid, airy sunroom of 73 East Wharf Road.  The home, built in 1904 and located along the Connecticut coast in the town of Madison, CT, contains a distinct beach-style in its sun-filled, warm space, which offers scenic views of the shimmering Long Island Sound without even going outside.

Another Madison home, located at 318 Boston Post Road, presents residents with a charming, quaint escape in its property-embracing glass sunroom. This space not only captures the sunlight, but also highlights the home’s surrounding gardens and scenes of nature. Out in Washington, CT, 86 Roxbury Road’s solarium room does this as well, offering views of the residence’s 88 pastoral acres, which encourages all to savor the beautiful tranquility of this country retreat. With its high ceilings of glass, and surrounding windows and doors, this room leaves no escape from the sunshine and warmth that floods it.

Another home that embraces its natural surrounds can be found on a quiet 3-acre property in Irvington, NY. The unique contemporary home, located at 59 Havemeyer Road, boasts countless walls of glass and sliding doors, implemented to seamlessly integrate its Japanese-style landscaped property within its stylish interior.  An in-home greenhouse, in addition to a spa-like hot tub room and other sun-capturing areas throughout, help to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere of pure beauty and zen.

Who says you need a sunroom to enjoy the emerging warmth of each sunny springtime day? Bright, open floor plans and vast walls of windows can do the trick as well. In Fairfield, CT, 1088 Harbor Road has just these features, letting in the light and surrounding waterfront views of the Long Island Sound every day.  Similarly, out in Port Chester, NY, 3 Harbor Drive contains numerous spacious areas with windows and ample opportunity for the sun to shine through. Offering a waterfront location, as well, this architecturally unique residence creates an unbeatable atmosphere for capturing the spring’s arrival right at home.

Utilizing sunlight at home can be taken to a whole new level by following the increasing trend of energy-efficient, “green” features. 3 Cobble Heights Road in Kent, CT, was built as a passive solar home, containing a living room wall of windows facing a southern exposure, which results in brilliant sunshine and warmth throughout the entire day. So sit back, save some energy and soak up the sun—spring is here!

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