At a recent home lifestyle marketing event planned with knowledge and creativity, and with precision and attention to detail, Westport agents Cynthia Melchiorri and Susan Vanech, in collaboration with Westport listing agent Barry Katz, presented guests with an “experience of the essence of the extraordinary.” The event was held at 112 Birch Hill Road—a dramatic, modernist home in Weston, Connecticut.

Birch Hill Road

Melchiorri and Vanech are the creators of cMs, Customized Marketing Strategies, a real estate lifestyle marketing service designed to present to potential buyers an experience of a specific property. This avant-garde service offers the opportunity to experience the essence and lifestyle of an extraordinary property in its authentic setting. Melchiorri and Vanech possess an innate sense of living environments, strategically tailoring their marketing to meet the personality of the showcased residence, through the design and implementation of their marketing strategy.


“We work closely with the agent and client, with a commitment to design the event with their goals in mind and implement with an inherent sense of the living environment,” said Melchiorri. This residence and property boasts various contemporary characteristics of a modernist home. The event captured the property’s atmosphere and essence. “It was a great evening filled with music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and the opportunity for an authentic experience at a very unique, contemporary residence. In this spectacular, private location in lower Weston, guests embraced the Art of Living at this one-of-a-kind modernist home.”

The Art of Living at Birch Hill, the fifth lifestyle marketing event by Melchiorri and Vanech, successfully brought together professionals from Sotheby’s International Realty® affiliates representing Westchester County, Manhattan and Fairfield County, as well as agents from other leading firms and premiere service professionals related to the real estate and design industries.

The Art of Living

Those thinking of selling their home who want to convey the lifestyle it offers can let others experience its essence with the highly impressionable services associated with cMS. Melchiorri and Vanech look forward to hearing from interested sellers.

Here’s to another cMs lifestyle marketing event, artfully showcasing a property and creating a welcoming atmosphere to call home for its new buyer.


For more information on this showcased property, 112 Birch Hill Road, contact Barry Katz, 203.858.3733

For more information on cMs-Customized Marketing Strategies, contact Cynthia Melchiorri at / mobile 508.566.9495, or Susan Vanech at / mobile 203.685.2348

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