Vintage classic elegant living room with grey velvet sofa

What’s Home Trending in 2016

With 2016 now underway, people can’t help but talk about “the next big thing” when it comes to home design. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends can not only keep your house looking fresh and stylish, but it can also add significant value. In accordance with the New Year, here are a few top home trends to look out for in 2016.

Patterns, Textiles, Fabrics and More

Big triangle chevron pattern backgroundIf you love patterns and textile designs, you’re in luck! According to expert predictions, patterned fabrics of all kinds are coming back in style, serving as the perfect accent to a room. Home decorators have even been bringing materials used for outdoor patio furniture inside to create this patterned effect with more durable surfaces. Architectural Digest discusses the use of pillows, blankets, carpets and even wallpaper to successfully add this decorative touch. When it comes to your home’s walls, Huffington Post Home forecasts a future of geometrics for dimension, metallic and matte patterns, as well as subtle pastels.

Vintage classic elegant living room with grey velvet sofa

Old World Meets New

Mixing vintage with modern styles is expected to be a widely popular trend for 2016. The fusion of 18th century pieces, such as classic furniture and antiques, with 20th century colors, plants, décor and more, is the suggested avenue to take. According to a pro interior designer featured in Vogue, we currently live in an “anything goes” world when it comes to home design, and the incorporation of both traditional and contemporary styles is recommended.

Make Room for the Kitchen

As per usual, the kitchen is continually described as the heart of the home for the New Year. After all, where you find food, you often find people. Houzz highlights the increasing desire for bright, open and airy spaces in which to cook, with ample room and top-notch amenities. To achieve such a kitchen environment, it is advised that homeowners install deep drawers for abundant storage space in cabinets as well as center islands, which are highly popular in today’s modern kitchen. To add a sleek look to an already smooth and inviting room, the article also suggests going bold with two-tone cabinets and colored stainless steel, predicting these subtle touches to make a big difference in the homes of countless trend-seeking individuals.


Modern luxury open-plan kitchen

The Minimalist Attitude

Sometimes there’s no denying that less is more. It’s easy to let furniture, decorative items and other knick-knacks accumulate over time, but this year all predictions on decorations are pointing in one direction—directly out the door. Architectural Digest’s featured pros see many individuals leaning towards open rooms with simple décor that eliminates any clutter. An increase in the use of neutrals and other natural materials to create an indoor-outdoor vibe can also supplement this low key, minimalist atmosphere. Zillow agrees, highlighting the recent interest in nubby wool rugs, which are composed entirely of natural fibers that create softening hues to pair with dramatic statement pieces in living rooms and other large spaces.

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Make it One-of-a-Kind

Customization and personality—these are two important factors to consider when it comes to home decorating in 2016. It’s time to make every room your own, and pay close attention to the little details that generate an indisputable uniqueness in your home. If you travel, Zillow proposes bringing back a souvenir, or perhaps going to a flea market or craft fair to find treasures unlike any other. You can even DIY, and place handmade pieces of décor throughout a room to add the ideal touch of character and charm. Don’t overdo it, though! As stated before, it’s important to keep the clutter to a minimum. Subtly displaying your interests is a great way to transform a house into a home.

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