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What’s Trending in the World of Smart Home Technology


Have you ever left your house, and realized that you forgot to lock the front door? Now imagine being able to secure that deadbolt without even returning home. As the world of technology continues to rapidly progress, homes are becoming smarter and smarter by the minute—and people are loving it! Whether remotely controlling appliances and security from a mobile device, saving energy with special climate control systems, or turning up those speakers with a simple voice command, smart home technology is making its way to residences of all kinds. Here are a few key trends to watch out for when it comes to tech-savvy buyers looking to embrace this brilliant wave of the future.

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Advanced Security

Keeping your home environment extra safe is effortless while utilizing smart technology. Innovative audio company ClearView, a firm that is involved in many up-and-Digital cameracoming smart home trends, discusses the option of adding professional monitoring with the use of cameras. “Watch your kids get home safely from school, make sure they’re doing their homework and not watching TV, or simply set up and arm your security system and other alarms while you’re away with the touch of a button.” From surveying interiors and exteriors to offering full HD streams on your mobile device, these incredible tools have capabilities that go above and beyond all expectations. Digital Trends shares a list of the most popular security cams for your home in 2016. In addition to security camera options, there are also ways to further protect your residence through smart lock systems, which work to remotely control home entry.  Business Insider takes a closer look at the August Smart Lock, an easily installed device that goes over a deadbolt, connecting to a Smartphone for safe, keyless access as you approach the door. You can even pick and choose, allowing certain people into the house when you’re not there with the lock’s “Connect” accessory. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Easy Entertainment

It’s smart to embrace smart features when entertaining at home. Options as simple as smart TVs can even make a difference. According to Curbed, people are currently all about transparent screens, which “disappear in plain sight,” embracing home décor with a more aesthetically pleasing appeal. Electronic House also points out the importance of TVs as a “smart hub” option, or the prominent controller of all smart aspects of the house including sensors, lights, locks, thermostats and cameras. Wireless speaker systems, which function on Bluetooth and wifi, are another popular trend heating up in the world of smart homes. Digital Trends believe SONOS speakers are the current industry leader, having “pioneered the genre, famous for its brilliantly simple, architecture which sets up with the press of a button.” These speakers can be placed throughout multiple rooms, and run off an app on your mobile device with the touch of a finger.

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Voice Command

Many experts claim that the future of all home automation lies within voice control. The trend is already well underway with the breakthrough of Amazon Alexa, which serves as the brain behind Amazon Echo, a device that has evolved into the most prominent smart home hub. This hands-free Bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone that connects users to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. It is through this that individuals can control nearly every aspect of their home, using voice command to turn off light switches, change the temperature of a room, turn on the sprinkler system and even order pizza. “You name it, Alexa can make it happen,” explains Digital Trends. “From light switches to power outlets to thermostats, the number of Echo-compatible devices has been steadily growing since Amazon’s public release of the device in June 2015.”

Sustainable Living

24 Painter Ridge Road—a lovely Roxbury, Conn. home built with sustainable, smart home features and amenities

Millennial buyers are all about technology and sustainable living. According to an article in Realtor Magazine, technology, efficiency, green features and healthy living are high on the wish list when it comes to buying a home.  Business Insider highlights the wonder of smart thermostats, such as the ecobee3, which adjusts the climate of your home in accordance with your personal schedule. The temperature can be controlled in different rooms throughout your home with a mobile device, ultimately saving energy.  Water conservation is also addressed through new water solutions, including Hydrao, a smart showerhead that uses LED lights to notify you of the amount of water being used. Electronic House further explains the details of this unique tool, which additionally has a built-in Bluetooth feature and app, allowing you to set levels, change light colors and track regular water usage. Adjustable lighting systems such as Lutron lighting, which permits the mobile control of light and shade levels in every room of your home, is yet another way to maintain an energy-saving environment.

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