Darien Brokerage Gets a Makeover

Our new and improved Darien brokerage is re-designed, re-painted and ready for business! The recently refurbished office facility, located at 1057 Post Road, began its renovation in November, resulting in a stunning transformation that has exceeded all expectations.


The fresh office space aims to better serve our dynamic Darien team members, agents and clients with numerous high quality, modern features that are sure to impress. Prime innovation and technology can be found in the brokerage’s large conference room, which now contains an Apple TV, Samsung TV, computer and tablet connectivity, as well as ample seating for presentations and other company gatherings.



Refinished hardwood floors, new paint and hand-carved wooden exterior signs were also included in the renovation, ultimately creating a bright, spacious environment with a modern and sleek appeal. To top it off, interior decorative touches including prints of local properties, town icons and regional landscapes, add great character and style to the space. In tune with the brand’s tradition, our Darien office is now the perfect marriage of art, property and indisputable excellence.


“From top to bottom, our office now truly sparkles, just like the talent inside it,” said Darien brokerage manager Lynley Middleberg. “Our goal was to ensure that this new office would reflect the feelings of timelessness that the brand’s name evokes, while also creating an atmosphere that feels bold and contemporary—not dissimilar to the towns that we serve.”


Come see the finished product for yourself! Once again, our remarkably revamped Darien brokerage is now open, and ready to reintroduce itself to anyone and everyone lucky enough to walk through its welcoming doors.

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