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As candied hearts, smooth, decadent chocolate and brilliant shades of pink and red fill store counters, windows and neighborhood homes, there is no denying the sweet fact that Valentine’s Day is just about here.  No matter how you choose to celebrate this day of pure love, self-pampering and satisfying sugary indulgences, it’s important to take a moment to enjoy and appreciate every bit of love that you have in your life.

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit this year without even leaving your home!  These festive table setting tips, handmade crafts, scrumptious recipes and inspiring rooms with great hues of pink and red are sure to fill your home (and heart) with love.  As the saying goes, home is where the heart is!

 Food is the Key to a Heart:

Everyone knows that the fastest way to someone’s heart is often through food.  Impress your loved one with an incredible home-cooked meal this Valentine’s Day by picking from the wide range of dishes offered by The Food Network.  Enjoy a classic dinner for two, topped off with some wine and of course, chocolate covered strawberries. Other popular desserts, such as various unique red velvet recipes, can be found on Taste of Home’s website, which also features an additional Valentine’s Day Recipe list perfect for completing a divine evening of good food and great company.

The Cliché Candlelit Dinner:

When you think of Valentine’s Day, chances are a romantic, candlelit dinner with love songs playing in the background comes to mind.  You can now make this Hallmark-perfect scene come true, and it all starts at the table.  House Beautiful Magazine advises the evening’s host to create a beautiful tablescape with the simple touch of appropriate décor.  From eye-popping, textured colors that reflect daring displays of your affections, to more subtle pastels and timeless touches, such as rose petals and floral centerpieces, a well-decorated table can make a great first impression, setting the mood for the entire night. Similar advice is shared by Lushome, where candles, fresh flowers or even edible decorations are recommended.  Match a Lushome tablescape theme to your own personal style by clicking here.

Handmade With Love:

There’s just something special about a handmade gift.  Some of the best ways to share your love on Valentine’s Day are by giving someone something you can’t buy at the store.  As the saying goes, you can’t buy love. These DIY Real Simple projects are the perfect way to show your true feelings for another. From crafty trinkets such as frames and handmade cards, to romantic centerpieces and other home decorations, these DIY ideas are effortless tokens of your love. It’s still not too late! Additional handmade with love projects can be found on Country Living Magazine’s website here.

If these Walls Could Talk, They’d Say “I Love You”:

Does your house have a pink room?  The cheerful atmosphere of Valentine’s Day may already be present in your home without you even realizing it! House Beautiful Magazine shares an array of rooms with décor that reflect red, white and pink colors—a stunning scheme that stirs feelings of love from all angles.  Check out these three homes that already epitomize the ultimate Valentine’s Day setting without even trying with the simple touch of stunning décor.

96 Lambert Road—New Canaan, CT


Imagine enjoying a relaxing evening among the striking accents of pink in this stylish room.

2 Lincoln Lane—Purchase, NY

In the mood for a movie date night?

27 Lincoln Lane—Ridgefield, CT

These walls will match your beautiful tablescape just perfectly for your romantic dinner at home!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 

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