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By Tyler R. Morrissey

The dawning of a new year brings about many changes. For instance maybe 2019 is the year that you finally change up your style, or the overall design of your property. If you are planning on changing things around your home, then you’ll want to take a look at what some experts are saying regarding new styles, colors and patterns that we’ll see in 2019. There are also some trends from 2018 that won’t be leaving us anytime soon.

Splash of Color

Modern interior of living room with peach corner sofa, coffee table 3d rendering

Known worldwide as the standard language for color communication to fashion and home styles of all kinds, the PANTONE Color Institute has been using leading technologies and systems to determine appropriate color selections for the New Year since 2000. The shade is chosen on a basis of symbolism, reflecting current culture and world trends through a colorful expression. This year’s color for 2019 is “Living Coral.” PANTONE describes the shade as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” Recently Houzz published some tips on how you can incorporate coral into your home this year. Since coral is a bright color, it’s best to start small and incorporate some textiles such as a pillow or throw blanket. If you are looking to make more of a statement, consider adding some coral-colored furniture for a bold and refreshing aesthetic.

Move Over Edison

Vintage electric light.Decorative antique edison style light bulbs in coffee shop.vintage tone

Light bulbs and lighting fixtures have evolved a long way since their invention in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison. One design trend that we saw in 2018 was the use of “Edison Bulbs,” which are essentially reproductions of filament bulbs popularized by the Edison Electric Light Company in the early 1900s. Forbes explained that 2019 might be the year we pause on turning back the clock when it comes to lighting our homes. Instead, Edison Bulbs might be replaced by vintage light fixtures that hide exposed bulbs and wiring typically found in the modern day throwback. Halo LED chandeliers might be the next bright idea in home lighting to keep an eye on as the year goes on.

What’s Cooking?

Empty classic kitchen with table, decoration and copy space. 3d rendered image.

Your home’s kitchen might be the focal point of your entire property. We typically spend a lot of time in the kitchen so you want it to be an inviting space. The Washington Post has some ideas on how to take your kitchen to the next level in 2019. One design trend to take note of is kitchens that open up to the outdoors. As global temperatures rise, homeowners are opting to transform patios and decks into dining spaces that open directly into the kitchen. This design feature will likely come in handy during the summer, spring and fall. Another kitchen trend to keep an eye on is making your backsplash a focal point. Opt for a full-height backsplash that will extend from the counter all the way to ceiling. This will give your kitchen a clean look while making a bold statement.

What’s Trending?

Botanical living room with grey sofa, green pillows and bookcase

Each year the social media platform Pinterest releases a report of 100 popular trends that their users are looking to try in the upcoming year. House Beautiful put forth a list of their favorites and some might surprise/inspire you. For example, do you love avocado toast for breakfast in the morning? Or maybe you fancy some fresh guacamole for your next gathering. If this appeals to you then consider growing your own avocado tree. According to Pinterest, searches on the social media platform for “how to grow an avocado tree” were up 101 percent. If your thumb is not green enough to grow an avocado tree, an easier way to incorporate plants in your home in 2019 is by growing a vertical garden. As homeowners try to take advantage of floor to ceiling space, a vertical garden is a great way to incorporate some fresh herbs for cooking or simply some greenery for the winter months.

Bring Home the Spa Experience

White and wooden bathroom interior with a concrete floor, a white bathtub and a sink with a big mirror hanging above it. 3d rendering mock up

When changing up your style you won’t want to forget about your home’s bathrooms. In Houzz’s annual report on New Year’s style trends, they recommend some simple changes and some large ones to keep your bathroom up to date. If a bathroom renovation is in your plans this year, consider the type of tub you purchase. If you really enjoy taking baths then splurge for a “destination tub,” which is a larger freestanding bathtub that recreates a spa-like experience. Add warmth to your bathroom by replacing your traditional glass, tile or marble vanity with a natural wood vanity. While wood vanities have been around for years, leaving them natural will highlight the finer details in the grain.

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