Erin Caporizzo

Erin Caporizzo

Real Estate Salesperson

Erin Caporizzo
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Washington Depot
6 Green Hill Road
PO Box 329
Washington Depot, CT 06794

About Me About Me

Erin Caporizzo, a Connecticut native, comes to Sotheby's after spending the last six years managing her household. During this period Erin worked extensively on renovations to her family's home; this experience provided her with the confidence to trust her ability to reimagine the form and function of a space. It is Erin's passion for aesthetic that makes her the perfect agent for a brand known for its attention to detail; she believes that we all deserve to live beautifully and that one's home should be a refuge, a place that draws you back after you've been away. With that belief, Erin seeks to pair each individual with the property that reflects not only who they are but how they live their life. Erin's education background was English Literature, a degree that studies the beauty and complexity of relationships - it is with this in mind that she listens to what people want and what people believe; two important components to buyers and sellers alike. Our words are powerful tools and selectively choosing them aides in how well something is marketed and sold - Erin will tell the story of your property; painting its history and potential with language that creates a romance between the reader and the real estate. 

  • Born In Boston, MA
  • Lives In Woodbury, CT
  • Favorite Movie Grumpier Old Men
  • Passion Aesthetic
  • Interests Design, History, Animals...
  • Favorite Lyric "Ripple in Still Water"
  • Inspiration My Grandmother
  • Can't Live Without Dogs

Agent Designations

  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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  • Erin Caporizzo

    Erin Caporizzo

    Real Estate Salesperson
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