DIY: 5 Home Improvement Tasks to Conquer

With the sun setting later and the weather getting warmer, springtime opportunities are sprouting up everywhere right along with the blooming flowers.  Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start preparing your home for the bustling, bright season ahead!

This weekend, instead of wondering what you should be doing, here’s what you could be doing to help get a head start on tackling that home improvement checklist.  Whether you are in the market to sell or not, by trying out even just one of these five simple and inexpensive DIY home projects, both value and an undeniable charm will be added to your beloved abode.

Time for an Upgrade

Normally when one thinks of an upgrade, costly remodeling projects that require hiring an expert come to mind.  It’s important to take into account, though, the little enhancements you can make by yourself throughout the house by focusing on specific aspects such as lighting, entrance areas and bathroom features. Time Money advises switching out old-fashioned light fixtures for the latest lighting trends.  Lighting has the ability to improve the ambiance of an entire room. Of course, entryways are another vital undertaking to conquer, as a warm welcome always makes for great first impressions. Refurbish or even replace your front door, and think about adding hallway shelving to display inviting décor and decorations. An up-to-date bathroom with sleek styles and features is also recommended.  The replacement of an old sink or toilet, or even just a fresh coat of paint on the walls, can go a long way.

600 North Street has beautiful kitchen light fixtures.

Just a “Quick Fix”

Have you been meaning to fix that squeaky door?  It may seem like just a small setback in your home, but according to Real Simple Magazine, catering to the little things around your house can make a big difference, boosting its value and overall appeal.  Take fifteen minutes to spray some WD-40 on door hinges, wipe away any dust on that chandelier and fix that peeling wallpaper—with just a little bit of time and effort, you can easily remedy those irritating small details you’ve been putting off. This Old House also mentions the value of maintaining care of sinks, gutters, furnaces, windows, doors and more.

Give it Some Space

How much space do you really have? The recent demand for open floor plans and finished basements makes it quite clear that if you have space, you must use it. This Old House encourages keeping up with the latest design trends by maintaining steady flow throughout rooms. This can be achieved by removing kitchen islands or even knocking down non-structural walls for a more liberating atmosphere.  HGTV explains how to create space in virtually any circumstance, highlighting the strategic idea of crafting illusions to visually increase your home’s square footage with the use of space-enhancing features such as blinds and mirrors.  Once a sense of space is established, make sure to preserve its inviting, smooth style by avoiding clutter and keeping the area spotless.

2 Mayfair Circle uses its space for an incredible basement game room.

It’s the Little Things

Add personal touches throughout your home, such as updated doorknobs, custom house numbers, framed paintings and cabinet wallpaper, to foster a welcoming environment of unique character and style.  Having a home offers the opportunity to showcase a piece of who you are—share your personality through your chosen décor, and make the most comfortable place possible for you to call home. Achieve a subtly appealing ambiance in one day, or maybe even just a few short hours, by trying out one of Country Living Magazine’s nine weekend home improvement projects.   

Test your Green Thumb

As said before, first impressions are one of the most effective ways to attract potential homebuyers.  As the spring market swings into full gear, be sure to keep the exterior of your property looking fresh! This Old House suggests keeping all bushes and trees well-trimmed to avoid obscured views of the house or darkened interiors.  If you are thinking of selling your home and looking for additional curb appeal tips, check out our summer blog post, which provides a step-by-step guide to help get your home’s front yard, porch and exterior ready for viewing.

Which “quick fix” will you take on this weekend?

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