An outdoor feature wrapped around the entrance of many homes, enclosed by screens or merely the resting spot of a family’s old rocking chair, is finally making a comeback and a statement in the social lives of countless homeowners.  The porch, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, is reemerging as the neighborhood spot to be—the gathering place where residents, family, friends and even neighbors come together on common ground.  Whether relaxing on an old bench swing, enjoying a morning cup of coffee, taking in surrounding views or catching up with friends, the porch provides individuals with the perfect space to unwind and enjoy the comforts of home and good company.    

Walk away from the surrounding walls of that living room and towards the spacious, airy atmosphere of these four homes featuring all sorts of porches, each with their own unique and welcoming allure. 

202 Mansfield Avenue—Darien, CT


Located in the town of Darien, this 1914 home offers the charming combination of old world meets new, starting right on the property’s front porch.  This inviting feature continues throughout the home’s exterior, with extensive covered porches that epitomize pristine, historic originality and today’s luxurious lifestyle.  Watch the beautiful fall foliage unfold from the comfort of a wicker chair, enjoy dinner outside with the family or simply relax to the peaceful sounds of nature.  It’s impossible not to become captivated by the tranquil atmosphere of one of the home’s many surrounding porches.

7 Prospect Avenue—Larchmont, NY


Constructed in 1893, this historic Larchmont home epitomizes the elegant and friendly appeal of private porches.  Stunning waterfront views are seen from nearly every angle of the residence from any of its numerous wraparound porches, inviting visitors to step outside and gracefully travel through natural beauty and ageless appeal.  As the current trend towards porches continues to increase, so does the timeless quality of this Victorian-style treasure with its porches that welcome guests from all directions.  

278 Noroton Avenue—Darien, CT


Built in 1886, this Victorian-style home boasts well-maintained porches that overlook the surrounding community of Darien, urging guests to gather under its covered entrance space.  All aspects of the property are well-kept with exquisite care and character, even offering a porch swing to complete a perfect, relaxing evening outdoors with friends and family.  

64 Quarry Ledge—Madison, CT 

Life’s a beach on the expansive porch of this Madison home built in 1929.  The residence’s numerous, spacious outdoor spaces entice people outside to enjoy the fresh sea breeze of the nearby East Wharf Beach, as well as promote socializing in a relaxed environment.  Why not enjoy a family recipe outside while taking in the surrounding 4-acre landscape?  Invite friends over for dessert and maybe even call over the neighbors relaxing on their own porch next door to join.  Whoever you are with, the porch is guaranteed to provide a great gathering place and add unique character to each and every home.

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